How To Make Puzzles Of Photographs

How to Make Puzzles Of Photographs by MakeYourPuzzles

The photo gift market has grown dramatically in the USA and Canada over the past few years. Personalized products and on-demand manufacturing are in high demand and so are personalized puzzles. Photo puzzles are a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion. From kids puzzles to adult puzzles, there is a type of jigsaw puzzle for everyone!

A personalized photo puzzle complete with your own photos is the perfect gift that acts as a fun activity, sweet keepsake, and gorgeous art piece. From toddler puzzles, kid puzzles, to adult puzzles; there is a perfect type of jigsaw puzzle for everyone. Let's explore together how to make your own custom puzzle from your pictures based on the level of difficulty, ranging from different sizes and layouts. Explore all the custom options you can create with MakeYourPuzzles custom puzzle maker.

What Are Custom Jigsaw Puzzles?

A custom jigsaw puzzle is basically a personalized puzzle by using your own photo to design the puzzle image. By selecting your favorite photos of your children, family or friends you can transform them into a gift that can be the perfect gift idea for both adults and children that are sure to give them hours of fun. It's also something that will last a life time. We offer four different piece counts with two different final sizes that allows you to keep memories and create perfect gifts. If you can't settle on just one photo, you can select a collection of memories or favorite moment that you love and arrange them to create custom designs for any occasion such as anniversaries, birthdays or just for the perfect gifts for loved ones. Our custom puzzle maker on our website will help you sort your favorite pictures and allows you to sort by giving you a number of layouts for you to select.

How to make puzzles of photographs by MakeYourPuzzles

Types Of Custom Photo Puzzles

There are basically two major custom photo puzzle categories available. The classic Custom Photo Puzzle offers you to select one of your favorite picture and you can either make a portrait or landscape puzzle. The second category is Collage Photo Puzzles and at MakeYourPuzzles we offer over 96 Collage Puzzle Templates working with up to 64 of your favorite pictures. At MakeYourPuzzles we offer a third, brand new to the market, category. We call this collection "Pro Photo Puzzles". Let's dive further into the different jigsaw puzzle categories:

Custom Custom Photo Puzzle

Turn your favorite picture into a custom puzzle; it has never been easier to create your own premium custom photo puzzle – just select the puzzle size and piece count, upload your favorite picture, and optionally add your text, clip-arts to the jigsaw puzzle and let us do the rest. Within a few days you will receive your own Custom Jigsaw Puzzle.

The "Classic" Custom Photo Puzzle works with one photo of your choice. If you have multiple favorite photos and cannot decide which one to go with, check out our Collage Photo Puzzles! 

Custom Photo Puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles

Collage Photo Puzzle

Do you want to share the best of pictures with your loved ones, but you cannot pick just one? Fret no more: with our Collage Photo Puzzles, you can pick up to 64 photos to create a special gift that will last a lifetime! Capture your favorite memories and create your Collage Photo Puzzle with a few clicks of a button. Don’t spend hours sifting through photos, stressing over the one perfect picture.

You can choose 2 or more photos to create a personalized collage photo puzzle. Make a personal collage of your vacation pictures, wedding photos or snapshots from any special occasion to create a custom photo puzzle that will entertain your loved ones or yourself for years to come!

Do you want to create a brilliant collage of photos to puzzle, but it all sounds too complicated? Wonderful news, with our easy to use custom puzzle maker, creating a custom collage puzzle is a snap! Choose one of our 96+ collage templates, working with between 2 to 64 images of your choice. Even low-resolution images will show up great when placed as smaller images.

Collage Photo Puzzles family at beach by MakeYourPuzzles

Pro Photo Puzzle

We know how difficult it is to find high-resolution pictures to make the large custom photo puzzles you want.

We also know how you would like to use an image of your favorite Landscape, Sport, Park, Pets or City but don't know how to find them.

Are you bored with the limit to the stock-puzzles you have? Then, we bring to you the first of its kind; A catalog of high-resolution pictures to choose from and customize your puzzles. A picture for every keyword. Every landscape. Every city. Welcome to our Pro Photo Puzzle world!

We offer access to a 140 million high-resolution photo databases. Explore our Pro Photo Puzzle collection, search and find your perfect picture, upload it and design your own photo puzzle.

You can browse through different categories, search by keywords, and pick the picture you love. You can also add your own texts to finalize the customization process for your own unique Pro Photo Puzzle.

Pro Photo Puzzle Greece by MakeYourPuzzles

Different Customization Options

We wanted our customers to design their photo puzzles unique to them, so we included options to add text, clip art, even graphics to the puzzle to make it your own design. It's truly a one of a kind gift.

Customization Options For Your Puzzle

Our puzzle maker gives you the option to select the layouts, you decide if you want one picture or design your own collage puzzle with 2-64 of your favorite memories and it includes over 96 templates to choose from. You can play with filters to make your design even better! You can upload your own clip art or graphics and place it anywhere on the puzzle. With MakeYourPuzzles, the customers are in control of the design.

Customization Options For The Custom Puzzle Box

Our photo puzzle boxes can be customized as well. Once you chose your box design you can add text , graphics or clip art to the box. Our custom puzzle box is the perfect storage for your puzzle pieces and due to its premium material it is the perfect gift box as well.

custom puzzle box by MakeYourPuzzles

Quality Aspect Of Custom Photo Puzzles

We worked hard to provide an amazing premium product which started with our 100% recycled premium puzzle board. But that's not enough, our inks are eco-friendly and our aim is to reduce packaging to a minimum. Our packaging is bio-degradable and 100% curbside recyclable and we recently introduced a biodegradable plastic bag (puzzle pieces) so our premium puzzles are 100% eco-friendly!

How Can I Customize Jigsaw Puzzles?

Customizing your puzzle is easy with our web designer. It will walk you through the process, each step of the way.

Customize Your Puzzle

Choose your favorite pictures of your kids, friends or family, upload them into our custom puzzle maker, you can choose one picture or multiple. Our system will help you determine if your image is the optimal resolution and give you a ton of templates so you can determine the best layouts. Once you select your pictures, you can add fun clip art or add text to your puzzle to really make it one of the best gifts you've given. Once you finish, it's time to move to the box.

Photo Collage Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Customize Your Puzzle Box

MakeYourPuzzles allows you to customize your photo gift puzzle even further by letting you select your box color. Select a red box for Christmas, or a colorful box for a kids birthdays. You can make it unique and design a really personal jigsaw puzzle. You can add clip art or text on the box as well. Once you like your final product, you select add to cart and the only other thing is to pay for your items and your photo puzzles will be on their way to you! Estimated delivery date is only 2-5 days after your puzzle is produced.

custom puzzle box by MakeYourPuzzles


What size puzzle should I create?

Well, we recommend 100 pieces: Children 6-7 years old, 260 pieces: Children 8-9 years & adults, 500 pieces: Children 10+ & adults (5+ hours are often required), and 1000 pieces: Children 10+ & adults (10+ hours are often required)

How Long Does It Take To Produce My Custom Jigsaw Puzzle?

Most important question is when do you get your puzzle. From the day we receive your order, we need maximum 3 working days before your puzzle ships. All orders ship free of charge within the US. Usually UPS delivers within 2-5 days depending on the final destination. We offer expedited shipping options which can reduce the So your estimated delivery date is based on what type of shipping method you choose at checkout. Most of our customers receive their puzzles within less than a week.

Can I Customize The Puzzle Box?

Customizing the box is easy! We wanted our customers to have access to many designs so they can create the best custom jigsaw puzzle for their needs, so we have a wide availability of box colors to select from. We even make it easy to add custom text so your designs look professional!

What Jigsaw Puzzle Sizes and Puzzle Piece Count Do You Offer?

We currently offer four different size photo puzzles:

1000 piece, 19.25" x 26.63"

500 piece puzzle, 19.25" x 26.63"

260 piece puzzle, 12.75" x 16.00"

100 piece puzzle , 12.75" x 16.00"

With the wide variety of piece counts, you can easily find a puzzle for both kids and adults.

How Long Does It Take To Design A Custom Puzzle?

Designing your own custom photo puzzles is quick and easy. Once you select your photo and you are only a few minutes from having a unique gift to share with family and friends. Once you place your design in your cart and pay, our team will be working to get your jigsaw puzzles produced in about 3 business days. Then we ship your order out via UPS and you'll have your puzzle in a few days.

Where Do You Ship To?

Currently we ship to the USA, Canada and Mexico. We offer free shipping on all orders in the USA and low shipping cost to Canada and Mexico. The typical delivery time in the US is 2-5 days. Delivery to Canada and Mexico will be done via UPS or USPS and varies by location. Delivery during the busy holidays may require an extra day.

Final Thoughts

Finding a perfect gift for the people you love can be hard, but we make it simple and easy to give unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Any time is a good time to make someone feel special. It's quick to create and any questions you have, we are here to answer. Adults will love it, kids will love it and with four sizes of puzzle pieces that we offer, you can find a age appropriate puzzle for anyone to be able to assemble. Giving the gift of personalized puzzles show your family and friends how special they are to you and how they are worth the effort. Do you still have questions? Our team of dedicated puzzlers are here to answer your questions, so please reach out to us.

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