252 Piece Photo Collage Puzzle

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  • Puzzle Size: 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • Puzzle Piece Size: 1-1/16" x 1"
  • Choose from 96+ Collage Templates
  • Works with 2 pictures all the way up to 64 pictures per puzzle
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Board: Blue Premium .7pt ESKA Puzzle Board
  • Highest Image Quality - vibrant fade resistant colors
  • Free Shipping on all jigsaw puzzle orders in the USA
  • Eco-Friendly - all our photo puzzles are eco-friendly products
  • Premium Customizable Puzzle Box included

Make Your Own Photo Collage Puzzle

Ever thought of turning your favorite memories into a fun activity? Meet our 252 Piece Photo Collage Puzzle. It's not just a puzzle; it's a canvas for your creativity. And guess what? It's on sale with free shipping across the U.S. Don't miss out on this gem in our Collage Photo Puzzles collection!

Why Choose a Collage Puzzle?

So, you've got tons of photos and can't pick just one? No worries! Our Collage Photo Puzzles let you feature up to 64 images. Yep, you heard that right—64! Use our online puzzle maker, and in a few clicks, you'll have a masterpiece. Choose from 96+ templates and jazz it up with text or clip-art. The world is your oyster!

List of Customization Options:

  • Number of photos: Up to 64
  • Templates: 96+ to choose from
  • Add-ons: Text, clip-art
  • Customize your Puzzle Box

Not Too Easy, Not Too Hard: The Perfect Challenge

Let's face it, 100 pieces or the 200 pieces are a walk in the park, and 300 piece puzzle might as well be a marathon. But 252 piece puzzle? Ah, that's the Goldilocks zone! Perfect for kids who've outgrown kiddie puzzles and adults looking for a quick yet satisfying challenge. Imagine a cozy Sunday afternoon, the whole family around the table, piecing together memories—literally!

Quality You Can Trust

We're not about cutting corners—only puzzle pieces! Made in the good ol' USA, our puzzles use 100% recycled premium board. And our eco-friendly inks make sure your memories look vibrant today, tomorrow, and forever.

Table: Why Our Puzzles Rock

Feature Why It's Awesome
Material 100% eco-friendly
Print Quality Long-lasting
Origin Made in the USA

What's in the Box?

Unbox happiness! Each puzzle comes with a sturdy, customizable storage box. Your chosen collage is printed right on the top. Want to add a special message? Go for it! We've got a variety of box designs to match your style.

How To Make Your Photo Collage Puzzle?

Ready to turn your photos into a puzzle masterpiece? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

First, head over to our online puzzle maker. Pick a template from our 96+ options. Next, upload your chosen photos—remember, you can add up to 64! Want to add some flair? Throw in some text or clip-art. Finally, review your masterpiece and add to cart and voila! Your custom collage puzzle will be on its way to you. It's that simple, and it's all part of the Collage Photo Puzzles experience!

Make Memories That Last

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our 252 Piece Custom Collage Photo Puzzle offers a unique blend of fun, challenge, and quality. Don't just store your photos; celebrate them!

Remember, it's on sale and ships free in the U.S. Get yours now!

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