Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles

Whether you like to make your own Custom Photo Puzzle with one of your favorite pictures, or your Collage Photo Puzzle with up to 64 pictures - we got you covered!

Missing a good quality picture? Not a problem, check our Pro Photo Puzzle category and find a picture you love from our 140 Million High-Resolution Image Database!

Make Your Own Puzzles

Custom Photo Puzzles

Turn your favorite picture into a puzzle - capture your memories with our custom puzzles.

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Pro Photo Puzzles

140 Million high-resolution images to choose from - browse by keyword or themes and make your own jigsaw puzzle!

Eco Friendly Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Eco-Friendly Jigsaw Puzzles

At MakeYourPuzzles, we take pride in our eco-friendly production of custom puzzles, ensuring that our love for the environment is reflected in every piece we create.

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Custom Puzzle Box, customize your puzzle box - MakeYourPuzzles

Custom Puzzle Box

At every puzzle comes with its Premium Puzzle Box. Not only are these Boxes durable and make a perfect gift box, but they are also customizable. Choose from our 30+ designs, add your own text or elements and images. Create your perfect Puzzle Box for free!

Custom Puzzle Box
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Eco-Friendly Custom Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles


All our Puzzles are made from 100% recycled Premium Puzzle Board to ensure the puzzle pieces fit perfectly and stay flat for years to come. We use the latest digital printing technology for crystal clear printing results.


All board material is made from 100% recycled material. The puzzle bag is bio-degradable, and the packaging is curb-side recyclable. Enjoy your eco-friendly puzzle!


Free Shipping on all orders in the USA.

At you will not be charged additional shipping cost at checkout!


We do not cut corners! We print the puzzle images, die cut and assemble your puzzles here in the US - all our custom puzzles are 100% Made in USA - from start to finish.

Thank you for your support!


Please send us your comments, concerns, ideas and thoughts at - our US based customer service team will respond as soon as possible - thanks for your support!

Custom Puzzle Gifts

Custom jigsaw puzzles have revolutionized the world of jigsaw puzzles, offering a deeply personal touch to a beloved pastime. Imagine transforming cherished memories, be it a family portrait, a wedding snapshot, or a serene landscape from a memorable trip, into a hands-on experience.

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Why Make Your Jigsaw Puzzles With Us?

What Is The Right Picture Puzzle Size?

Finding the ideal picture puzzle is an exciting experience that can take some time and thought. Picture Puzzle sizes vary from 100 pieces to a few corner pieces to far more challenging 1000 jigsaw puzzle pieces, allowing you to select one that suits your preference perfectly.

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