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Traditionally, chocolates and candies were the Easter basket fillers of choice. Today almost anything goes! But what gift really makes an impression and brings joy to the loved ones, family, kids, or friends?

Together, we will explore different Easter gift ideas and introduce our personalized puzzles to you. Additionally, we’ll show you some great Easter gifts for kids. So join us in our journey and discover new Easter gift ideas with us.

What Is A Good Easter Present?

Easter is a time for celebrating, renewal and new beginnings, a thoughtful and meaningful gift can be the perfect way to show someone you truly care. Some good Easter present ideas include:

  • Chocolate or candy treats: Easter is associated with sweets, so consider giving a basket of chocolates, gourmet sweets, or other festive treats.
  • Fresh flowers: Give a bouquet of fresh flowers to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  • Personalized gifts: Consider giving a personalized item such as a photo album, customized puzzles, or monogrammed stationery.
  • Easter basket: Create a basket filled with items like books, puzzles, toys, or other fun items that the recipient can enjoy during the holiday.
  • Home décor: Help decorate someone's home with a festive Easter-themed item such as a wreath, table runner, or decorative eggs.
  • Plant: Give a live plant as a symbol of new beginnings and growth.
  • Experience: Treat someone to a special experience such as a spa day, cooking class, or concert tickets.

Regardless of the gift you choose, the most important thing is to show that you care and are thinking of them this Easter.

Why A Personalized Puzzle Is A Perfect Easter's Gift?

A personalized puzzle is a perfect gift for Easter for several reasons. Personalization adds a special touch: when you personalize a puzzle, you’re giving a gift that is truly unique and special. This personal touch shows that you put thought and effort into the gift, making it even more special. Once you have added your picture(s), add your personal text to the puzzle and/or the custom puzzle box as well.

Also, puzzles are a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed alone or with others. This makes a personalized puzzle the perfect gift for families, kids, and friends to enjoy together during the Easter holiday.

Furthermore, personalized puzzles are a great keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. You can display the completed puzzle in your home as a reminder of the special Easter season and the thought and care that went into the gift.

Finally, personalized puzzles are a great value, especially when compared to other Easter gift options. They are relatively inexpensive and can be customized to fit any budget. Additionally, you can enjoy the puzzle over and over again, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

Custom Puzzles for kids at Easter

While candy is a great treat, it’s not something for every child, but a puzzle of themselves, their pets or their favorite image will surely get them excited! Add one to their Easter basket instead of the candy. It’s something they can enjoy for a long time.

Puzzles also provide children with learning benefits even if they don’t even know it. When assembling a puzzle, they improve their attention to detail, their problem solving skills and it’s a great way to introduce a new activity into their day that isn’t an electronic game! It is definitely a healthier activity and way to broaden their horizons.

Types Of Puzzles You Can Personalize

There are multiple custom puzzle categories available at MakeYourPuzzles. The traditional Custom Photo Puzzle with one picture, the Collage Photo Puzzles with up to 64 pictures per puzzle (don’t worry we have 96+ collage templates available for you) and in case you don’t have a picture available check out our Pro Photo Puzzle category and find your perfect picture in our 140 million stock image database.

Custom Photo Puzzles

Are you looking for a special personalized gift that your friends or family won't throw away or bury in the closet, never to be touched again? The gift of a picture perfect moment and time spent together is a gift anyone would love! Custom picture puzzles are the perfect, unique gift for any occasion.  Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, and more. Mom and dad will love a sweet puzzle of their newborn. Grandma and Grandpa will cherish a photo puzzle of their beautiful grand-kids. Even Aunt Libby would enjoy a picture puzzle of her favorite fur babies!

Do you want a stress free gift giving experience that your loved ones will value? When using our quick and easy steps, the only big decision you must make is which photo is best for your custom jigsaw puzzle.

All you need to do is choose how many pieces and add your favorite picture. With a click of a button, your perfect personalized photo puzzle will be ready for you to cherish for a lifetime!

Collage Photo Puzzles

Do you want to share the best of pictures with your loved ones, but you cannot pick just one? Don’t worry, with our collage photo puzzles, you can pick up to 64 photos to create a collage photo puzzle that will last a lifetime! Don’t spend hours sifting through photos, stressing over the one perfect picture. You can choose 2 or more photos to create a personalized collage photo puzzle. Choose from our 96+ Collage templates and make a collage puzzle of your vacation pictures, wedding photos or snapshots from any special occasion to create a picture puzzle that will entertain your loved ones for years to come! Do you want to create a brilliant collage of photos to puzzle, but it all sounds too complicated? Wonderful news, with our easy navigation customizer, creating a custom collage is a snap! Create your own custom collage puzzle in minutes!

Pro Photo Puzzles

We know how difficult it is to find great quality pictures to make the large pro photo puzzles you want. Can’t find what you are looking for? We offer access to a 140 Million High Resolution photo databases. You can browse through different categories, search by keywords, and pick the picture you love. You can also add your own text to finalize the customization process for your own unique Custom Photo Puzzle.

Creative Ways To Give Your Loved Ones Easter Puzzles

Inside Plastic Eggs For An Egg Hunt

You can insert the custom puzzle into a plastic egg for an egg hunt. Keep the custom puzzle box for later since the puzzle image is printed on top of the lid and can help while assembling the puzzle. The custom puzzle box is also an excellent storage solution.

In A Basket

Add a custom photo puzzle to their Easter gift basket, what a great alternative to Easter candy! Kids will love it and can spend hours with this special gift.

Decorated Bags

Find a nice Easter themed gift bag instead of wrapping your gift.

Easter Puzzles Ideas

Any theme or picture that means something special can make a great custom photo puzzle and Easter gift. It doesn’t have to be Easter related. Just make it personal and unique for them.

Celebrate Easter By Gifting Our Personalized


By gifting a personalized puzzle to your loved ones, you will surprise them with something very special and personal. So, select your favorite picture and create a custom photo puzzle or select multiple pictures and make a collage photo puzzle with a few clicks of a button. It will last for a lifetime and will bring great memories back.


Instead of the expected Easter gift this year, surprise them with the gift that will last a lifetime, give a custom photo puzzle! Candy, flowers, and plants are all great ideas, but this can be an educational gift that can help your child or loved one, enjoy it over and over again. And it’s an affordable gift that is easy to make and customize. So why not check out MakeYourPuzzles.com and see how big a smile they will have when they receive it.


How Early Should I Order My Easter Puzzle So It Arrives On Time?

Our regular production time is 3 business days. When you order on a Monday, we will ship your puzzles Thursday the same week. We ship UPS and offer free shipping for all orders in the US.

So, if you order before March 29, 2023 you will receive your order before Easter. However, we also offer expedited shipping at additional fee of only $5.99 per order.

What Size Is The Puzzle Box?

Our custom puzzle box size is 10” x 8” x 2”. At MakeYourPuzzles you can choose from 30+ box designs and additionally you can personalize the puzzle box by adding your text and/or graphics, clip-art or images. Learn more about our custom puzzle boxes.

What Is A Traditional Easter Gift?

Traditionally, people give candy, flowers, crosses, Easter eggs-many times with money inside and sometimes a stuffed bunny rabbit. But these days almost everything goes and why not gifting something special and personal?

What Are Bleed And Cut Lines?

In short, bleed is a printing term that refers to the area that is printed beyond the edge of the finished puzzle size. If we didn't have bleed and cut down your artwork even a fraction off the trim line, you'd then have white edges showing on your artwork where you actually wanted your image all the way up to the edges. Having this bleed area prevents this from happening and ensures having a nice clean trim edge to the puzzles.

The cut line indicates where the puzzle die will make the cut on the printing sheet. So, it is important to check that all image elements along with your potentially added text section is within this area and not on or off the cut line.

If you have further questions, check our FAQ page or please let us know and contact us at info@makeyourpuzzle.com

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