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1000 Piece Collage Photo Puzzle

1000 Piece Collage Photo Puzzle

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Explore Collage Puzzles

Share multiple picture perfect
memories with your loved ones!

Do you want to share the best of pictures with your loved ones, but you cannot pick just one? Fret no more: with our collage photo puzzles, you can pick up to 64 photos to create a special gift that will last a lifetime!

Don’t spend hours sifting through photos, stressing over the one perfect picture. You can choose 2 or more photos to create a personalized collage photo puzzle. Make a personal collage of your vacation pictures, wedding photos or snapshots from any special
occasion to create a picture puzzle that will entertain your loved ones for years to come!

Create your own custom collage puzzle in minutes!

Do you want to create a brilliant collage of photos to puzzle, but it all sounds too complicated? Wonderful news, with our easy navigation customizer, creating a custom collage is a snap! Choose one of our 96+ collage templates, working with between 2 to 64 images of your choice.

Even low resolution images will show up great when placed as smaller images. Next, simply “snap” the images into place or easily rearrange images with the customizer. Your photo puzzle gift for all ages will be ready in no time at all!

Make Your Collage Puzzle

Your Picture Specification Guide

The higher the resolution, the better the quality of your printed photo puzzle.

For 500 and 1000 piece puzzles, we recommend 150dpi and 2888 x 3994 pixels

We recommend a minimum dpi (dots per inch) of 100 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi.

How do you check the pixel size of your image?

1. Right-click on the image (or, on a Mac, control-click).

2. Choose Properties or Get Info.

3. Click the Details tab. (or, on a Mac, More Info).

4. You'll see the image dimensions in pixels.


Puzzle overall: 19.25" x 26.63"

Puzzle Pieces: approx. 0.375" to 0.50"

Box size: 10"x 8" x 1.875"


Puzzle: 100% recycled premium blue puzzle board

Box: 100% recycled chipboard

Shipping material: curbside recyclable

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Unleash Your Creativity with a 1000 Piece Collage Photo Puzzle

A 1000 piece Collage Photo Puzzle from MakeYourPuzzles is more than just a puzzle; it's a unique way to showcase your favorite memories. This personalized photo collage puzzle allows you to combine multiple images into a single, high-quality 1000 piece puzzle. The result? A custom-made keepsake that's as fun to assemble as it is to display.

1000 Piece Collage Photo Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Highlights 1000 Piece Photo Collage Puzzle

  • Custom Photo Puzzle Size: 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • Custom Photo Puzzle Piece Size: 3/8" to 1/2"
  • Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Board: Blue Premium .7pt ESKA Puzzle Board
  • Highest Image Quality - vibrant fade resistant colors
  • Free Shipping on all jigsaw puzzle orders in the USA
  • Eco-Friendly - all our photo puzzles are eco-friendly products
  • Premium Customizable Puzzle Box included
Photo Collage Puzzles - Make your own photo collage puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

How to Create Your Collage Photo Puzzle

Creating your custom 1000 piece Collage Photo Puzzle is a breeze. Start by selecting your favorite photos - these could be cherished family photos, holiday snaps, or even pet portraits. Our user-friendly collage templates can accommodate between 2 to 64 images, so you have plenty of flexibility.

When choosing your photos, keep in mind that even low-resolution images will look great when placed as smaller images in the collage. Once you've selected your photos, simply upload them, arrange them in your chosen template, and let us do the rest. You can even add your own text or clip-arts to finalize the customization process for your own unique collage photo puzzle.

Why Make A Collage Photo Puzzle?

A Unique Way to Showcase Memories

One of the best things about a personalized photo collage puzzle is that it allows you to showcase multiple memories in one place. Instead of choosing just one photo for a custom puzzle, you can include a whole collection. This makes it a unique and creative way to display your favorite photos.

A Personalized Challenge

Assembling a 1000 piece puzzle is always a fun challenge, but it's even more satisfying when the puzzle features your own photos. Every piece you place brings you one step closer to seeing your personalized collage come together. It's a rewarding experience that's sure to keep puzzle enthusiasts entertained for hours.

Perfect for Gifts or Keepsakes

A custom collage photo puzzle isn't just a fun activity; it's also a thoughtful and personalized gift. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, a custom photo puzzle is a unique gift idea that's sure to be appreciated. And once the puzzle is completed, it becomes a keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come.

A Fun Activity for All Ages

Puzzles are a timeless activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Assembling a collage photo puzzle can be a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, a family game night, or even a party. And because it's a custom puzzle, it's an activity that's as unique as you are.

The Challenge and Fun of a 1000 Piece Puzzle

There's something incredibly satisfying about the challenge of a 1000 piece puzzle. Each piece you place brings you one step closer to the final image. And when that image is a collage of your favorite photos, the satisfaction is even greater. It's not just a puzzle; it's a journey through your favorite memories.

Photo Collage Puzzle 1000 pieces - MakeYourPuzzles

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasions

Why Customized Puzzles Make Great Gifts

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Consider a photo puzzle 1000 piece. It's not just a gift, but an experience - one that the recipient can enjoy over time. It's perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because.

Personalizing Your Puzzle Gift - Adding Text, Choosing the Box, etc.

To make your 1000 piece photo puzzle gift even more special, consider adding a personal touch. Some manufacturers allow you to add text (like a name or a special message) to the puzzle. You can also choose a box design it comes in.

The Surprise Element - Unveiling the Picture

One of the best things about giving a personalized puzzle as a gift is the surprise element. The recipient of photo gift won't know what the picture is until they've solved the puzzle. It's a gift that keeps them guessing and gives them a rewarding sense of accomplishment when they finally see the completed picture.

Collage Photo Puzzle with Customizable Puzzle Box - MakeYourPuzzles

Photo Collage Templates

At MakeYourPuzzles, we offer a variety of photo collage templates to help you create your perfect puzzle. With over 96 templates to choose from, you can create a collage that truly reflects your style and personality. Whether you want to arrange your photos in a heart shape for a romantic gift, or in a grid for a modern look, we have a template that suits your needs. And the best part? You can preview your design before you order, so you can be sure you'll love your custom collage photo puzzle.

Photo Collage Puzzle Templates - MakeYourPuzzles

MakeYourPuzzles - Quality Made in the USA

Our team has produced millions of premium stock puzzles for customers over the last number of years. Today, we produce Custom Puzzles with the same high-quality approach by utilizing our manufacturing and materials knowledge and our goal is to offer customers the best custom puzzles for the best price, Made in the USA.

All of our custom puzzles are 100% Made in the USA - from start to finish. We do not cut any corners by importing finished or half-finished goods.

By sourcing all of our materials, manufacturing the entire product portfolio we minimize the energy consumption overall, lessening the carbon footprint.

Our high quality printing equipment utilize only 100% eco-friendly ink and non-toxic.

Most importantly by doing so, we create and secure US jobs. We are a family owned company, taking care of our employees, their families, partners and supplier to the best of our abilities.

Premium Custom Puzzles Made in the USA - MakeYourPuzzles

Eco-Friendly Custom Puzzles

We love custom photo puzzles, but we also love our planet. That's why we're committed to making our puzzles as eco-friendly as possible. We use sustainable materials and processes wherever we can, and we're always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

But our eco-friendly approach doesn't stop at our custom puzzle production processes. We also use minimal and recyclable packaging to keep waste to a minimum. So when you choose MakeYourPuzzles, you're not just getting a great custom puzzle - you're also doing your bit for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Custom Jigsaw Puzzles - MakeYourPuzzles

FAQs Collage Photo Puzzles

How many photos can I use in my 1000 piece Collage Photo Puzzle?

You can use between 2 to 64 photos in your 1000 piece Collage Photo Puzzle. Our user-friendly collage templates can accommodate a wide range of images, allowing you to create a truly personalized puzzle.

What types of images work best for a Collage Photo Puzzle?

Any type of image can work well in a Collage Photo Puzzle. Family photos, holiday snaps, pet portraits, or even your favorite landscapes can all make for a great puzzle. Just remember that even low-resolution images will look great when placed as smaller images in the collage.

How long does it take to receive my custom Collage Photo Puzzle?

Once you've finalized your design and placed your order, it takes 2-3 days for us to create your custom Collage Photo Puzzle. After that, the shipping time will depend on your location and the shipping method you choose.

Can I add text or clip-arts to my Collage Photo Puzzle?

Yes, you can add your own text or clip-arts to your Collage Photo Puzzle. This is a great way to add a personal touch or a special message to your puzzle. You can add your own text or message to the custom puzzle box as well!

What if my images are low resolution?

Even low-resolution images will look great when placed as smaller images in the collage. Our system will also alert you if an image's resolution is too low for the size it will be printed at, so you can be sure your photos will look their best.

What are the photo collage templates?

We offer over 96 photo collage templates to help you create your perfect puzzle. These templates provide different layouts and shapes for your photos, allowing you to create a collage that truly reflects your style and personality.

Can I preview my design before I order?

Yes, you can preview your design before you order. This ensures that you're completely happy with your collage layout and photo choices before your puzzle goes into production.

Premium Custom Puzzles Made in the USA -Free shipping on all orders in the USA - MakeYourPuzzles


  • Premium Quality

    At MakeYourPuzzle we only use 100% recovered Premium Blue Puzzle Board - when die cut, the layers of the board remain tightly fixed in place and guarantees your puzzle remains intact for years to come. Our digital printing process ensures the highest print quality and the colors will not fade over time.

  • Eco-Friendly Product

    We only use 100% recycled premium puzzle boards which are eco-friendly and sustainable.We use the latest cutting & printing technology. Our inks are eco-friendly, and we aim to reduce packaging to a minimum. Our packaging is bio-degradable and 100% curbside recyclable.

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Make your Puzzle: Custom Horse Box Puzzle Banner

Custom Puzzle Box

Included with every puzzle order is a sturdy customizable storage box. Your puzzle image is printed on the top of the box lid and our customizer will allow you to add any message you would like.

We offer a wide selection of different box designs - check them out!

Check out our Custom Photo Puzzles

Make your custom puzzle with your favorite picture! Choose from our 100 piece photo puzzle, 260 piece photo puzzle, 500 piece photo puzzle or our bestseller 1000 piece photo puzzle - the choice is yours!