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Make Your Own Puzzle from Your Pet's Pictures

Your snapshots of your precious pet and a personalized jigsaw puzzle – it’s the perfect match! Whether you make your unique custom pet photo puzzle for yourself or plan gifting it to family or friends, it will be a heartwarming and touching moment.

At MakeYourPuzzles you can create your own unique pet jigsaw puzzles in minutes, and you will receive a Premium Photo Puzzle and a sturdy Custom Puzzle Box.

We offer free shipping on all orders in the U.S. and currently you can save up to 44%!

Custom Pet Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Custom Pet Puzzles For Pet Lovers

No matter if you are a dog lover, cat, bird, horse, or other pet lover, you can create your own custom pet puzzle within a few minutes. Whether you make a Portrait Custom Puzzle of your pet with one of your favorite pictures or create a Collage Photo Puzzle with multiple pictures; we've got you covered!

Your custom pet puzzle is easy to make and will be so much fun to assemble - once you finished your pet puzzle, frame it, and make it part of your home décor or gift it to the family and friends. No matter if you make your custom dog puzzle, cat photo puzzle or any other personalized pet jigsaw puzzle, at MakeYourPuzzles you will receive a Premium Quality Custom Puzzle of your pet photos.

What Type Of Custom Pet Photo Jigsaw Puzzles Can I Design?

So, what kind of personalized puzzles of your furry friend can you design? Let's explore the different puzzle categories together!            

Custom Photo Puzzles

This is our “classic” photo puzzle category that works with one of your favorite pictures. So, turn your favorite pet picture into a custom puzzle; it has never been easier to create your own premium custom photo puzzle – just select the puzzle size and picture orientation, upload your favorite pet photo, and optionally add your text, clip-art to the puzzle and let us do the rest. Within a few days you will receive your own Custom Photo Puzzle.

The Custom Photo Puzzle works with one pet photo of your choice. If you have multiple favorite pet pictures and cannot decide which one to go with, check out our Collage Photo Puzzles! 

Custom Pet Photo Puzzle with cats - MakeYourPuzzles

Collage Photo Puzzles

You have multiple awesome pictures of your pet(s), but you cannot pick just one? No problem, check out our Collage Photo Puzzles, you can pick up to 64 photos to create a special gift that will last a lifetime! 

Choose one of our 96+ collage templates, working with between 2 to 64 images of your choice. Even low-resolution images will show up great when placed as smaller images.

Collage Custom Pet Photo Puzzle with Horse and women - MakeYourPuzzles

Pro Photo Puzzles

In case you don't have any pet photo available, or you are a pet lover but don't have a pet on your own, check out our Pro Photo Puzzle Category:

A catalog of high-resolution pictures to choose from and customize your puzzles. A picture for every keyword. Every animal. Welcome to our Pro Photo Puzzle world! Your Pet Puzzle will be on its way in no time!

We offer access to a 140 million high-resolution photo database.

You can browse through different categories, search by keywords, and pick the image you love. Find your perfect pet image. You can also add your own texts to finalize the customization process for your own unique Pro Photo Puzzle.

Customization Of Your Pet Photo Puzzle

At MakeYourPuzzles there is more customization and personalization options than uploading you image and at the same time, it is one of the easiest custom puzzle maker. Let us walk you through the process - by the way you don't have to customize to the fullest extend - it's up to you how to design your pet puzzles.

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle - Select Size and Pieces

Choose your favorite puzzle size and puzzle pieces. Select either a Portrait or Landscape Orientation and start uploading your image (multiple for Collage Puzzles).

Next step is to add your note and text as you see it fit and additionally clip-art from our clip-art library. You can add multiple lines of text and almost endless clip-art – be creative and design your very unique pet photo puzzle!

Custom Puzzle Box

The next step is to customize your puzzle cardboard box if you'd like to. You can choose from 30+ designs and add your own text, clip-arts or images to the box lid. Many customers add a note to the box lid if they plan to gift the puzzle to someone.

Our box is a high-quality cardboard box and is made from 100% recycled material. It is sturdy custom puzzle box that functions as a premium gift box as well.

Custom Puzzle Box for Custom Dog Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Heart Warming Message - A Love Story

A heartwarming message personalized puzzle makes a great gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a special birthday present for a colleague, an anniversary gift for your partner, or a thoughtful surprise for a close friend, a personalized puzzle with a heartfelt message is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Personalized puzzles with a heartwarming message can be used to express your love, gratitude, and appreciation for someone special in your life. You can customize your puzzle with a message of your choice, such as “You are my best friend” or “Thank you for always being there for me”. You can even add a photo or artwork to make it even more special.

So, if you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for someone special in your life, consider giving them a personalized puzzle with a heartwarming message. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face and remind them of how much you care.


Making your own personalized pet puzzle is literally done within a few minutes and so much fun to assemble! You can choose from 100 Piece Puzzle, 260 Piece Custom Puzzle, 500 Piece Puzzle to our bestseller the 1000 Piece Custom Puzzle.

You can design it for yourself but it's a great gift for all ages and children love to puzzle their beloved pets - imagine the surprise for them! Personalized puzzles are a unique gift for any holidays and guarantee a wonderful family time. It's perfect for any pet lovers

All our Custom Puzzles are Made in the USA + Free Shipping on all orders in the US!

Did you know that our custom puzzles are a true eco-friendly product? Even the packaging is biodegradable and curbside-recyclable!

Custom Pet Photo Puzzles - MakeYourPuzzles


What Puzzle Sizes Are Available?

 Currently we offer the following puzzle size and piece counts:

  • 1000 piece puzzle, 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • 500 piece puzzle, 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • 252 piece puzzle, 14" x 19-1/4"
  • 100 piece puzzle, 14" x 19-1/4"
  • 48 piece puzzle, 14" x 19-1/4" 

Not Sure Which Puzzle Size To Choose?

So what size will work best for you? Our recommendations are as follows:

100 pieces: Children 5-7 years old

260 pieces: Children 8-9 years & adults

500 pieces: Children 10+ & adults (5+ hours are often required)

1000 pieces: Children 10+ & adults (10+ hours are often required)

The level of difficulty and time required may vary based on the uploaded photos. Rule of thumb is as more colorful the photos are, the easier the puzzle process seems to be.

What Image File Formats Can Be Processed?

We can process JPG (jpg, jpeg), PNG, GIF and SVG formats. Most digital cameras automatically take pictures in the required JPG format! If you have any other formats, please contact us and we will make it work. Our customer service can be reached at

What Is The Recommended Image Resolution?

The higher the resolution, the better the quality of your printed photo puzzle. The final product also depends strongly on the resolution of the original digital photo.

If your image has a minimum length of 1600 pixels on its longest side, this is sufficient for a puzzle of 100, 260 pieces. This measurement corresponds approximately to a picture taken with a 2-megapixel camera. For a puzzle consisting of 500 and 1000 pieces, we recommend a minimum of 2500 pixels, corresponding to a 4-megapixel digital camera/phone camera.

We recommend a minimum dpi (dots per inch) of 150 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi.

How Long Will It Take To Process An Order?

Once we receive your order, production time is 3 working days. If you order on a Monday, as an example, we will ship your order on Thursday the same week. Since we ship with UPS and USPS Priority only, you will receive your puzzle order within 2-5 days depending on your location.

We also offer Expedited Shipping for only $6.99 so your order will be delivered within 2 business days. Not fast enough? No problem, we can overnight your order for only $29.99.



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