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At MakeYourPuzzles all our Custom Puzzles come with a Premium Custom Puzzle Box. Not only are these puzzle boxes durable, but they are also customizable.

You can customize your own puzzle and in addition you can design and personalize your custom puzzle box and make it truly a unique product. We do not use generic boxes or flimsy materials. Our Custom Puzzles Boxes are premium quality at no additional cost to you!

We currently offer 30+ custom puzzle box designs. Soon we will expand our design portfolio to over 60 different designs for you. Stay tuned!

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How Can I Customize & Personalize The Custom Puzzle Box?

The customization and personalization process for the puzzle box at MakeYourPuzzles is easy and simple to do! So, don’t be intimidated at all. The following steps are all optional – you don’t have to customize the puzzle box. However, if you would like to customize and personalize the box, it is as simple as following these three steps:

Choose The Puzzle Box Design

Currently we offer 30+ puzzle box designs. We are working on additional designs, and they will become available soon.

Simply browse through the different designs and choose your favorite one. Our default custom puzzle box design is “Blue Waves”.

Design Your Custom Puzzle Box - MakeYourPuzzles

Custom Puzzle Box Design Themes - MakeYourPuzzles

Add Your Own Text

This step is optionally so you do not have to add any text to the custom puzzle box if you do not like to. However, adding text is as simple as activating the text box and start typing. Choose from different fonts, colors, and other effects as you see it fit. You also can position the text to your liking on the top of the box. We recommend positioning your text within the lower left corner of the box so it will be printed on the top side of the box and is visible.

 Custom Puzzle Box Add Your Text - MakeYourPuzzles

Add Clip-Arts Or Other Elements

In addition to your own text, you can browse through our clip-art library and add all kinds of different clip-arts to the box – cool feature if you plan on gifting the puzzle to someone. But that’s not all; further you can upload additional graphics such as images, drawings, etc. So be creative and personalize your custom puzzle box!



Our custom puzzle boxes are premium rigid boxes. While other companies use flimsy materials or generic boxes, at MakeYourPuzzles we only use premium chipboard for our boxes and manufacture to the highest standards.

All our custom puzzle boxes are made of 100% recycled chipboard and is curbside recyclable.

We recently introduced biodegradable plastic bags (puzzle pieces) so now all our custom puzzles are eco-friendly – from start to finish!

What Are Rigid Boxes and Why Do You Use Them For Your Custom Puzzles?

Rigid Box are a sturdy paper-based box consisting of high-thickness chipboard. They are also commonly referred to as set-up boxes, gift-boxes and premium packaging.

Not only are these boxes high-quality, but they’re also more straightforward and elegant than the more standard types. The sturdy design also adds an air of quality to our custom puzzles.

Regular flexible boxes are the ones that end up in a landfill right after the unboxing. On the other hand, a rigid box will not be thrown away so easily. In fact, you might even keep the rigid box and reuse it! Some put their personal belongings inside, others keep important documents, etc. A rigid box can and will be reused.

At MakeYourPuzzles, we consider our custom puzzle boxes as part of the entire presentation – the puzzle and the puzzle box are a set! We put as much effort into the puzzle as for the custom puzzle box.


At MakeYourPuzzles you can customize your puzzle as well as the puzzle box.  We believe the custom puzzle box is an important part of the overall customization experience. By personalizing both, the puzzle and box, it truly becomes your very own and unique custom puzzle.

With three simple steps to personalize your custom puzzle box, it is an extra value and elevates your puzzle to a truly unique creation. And the best thing – at no additional cost!

So be creative and make your own puzzle today at – Save Up To 43% + Free Shipping On All Orders In The U.S.



What size is the custom puzzle box?

Our custom puzzle box size is 10” x 8” x 2”. It is a two-piece rigid box, and we only use 100% recycled materials.

Is The Custom Puzzle Box An Eco-Friendly Product?

Yes, our custom puzzle boxes are made of 100% recycled chipboard and are curbside recyclable.

Is There Additional Cost For The Custom Puzzle Box?

All our personalized puzzles come with a Custom Puzzle Box at no additional fee. We do not cut corners on the quality of the puzzle boxes and do not charge extra for our premium custom puzzle box.

Is The Custom Puzzle Box Sturdy?

Due to the material thickness, our Custom Puzzles Box is very sturdy and will last for years to come. It will protect the puzzle pieces and can be stored safely. The top of the box (lid) illustrates the puzzle image and can be used as a guideline during assembling.


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