Puzzles as Wedding Anniversary Gifts: A Creative and Meaningful Option

Wedding anniversaries are a time to celebrate the love and commitment between two people. They are a moment to reflect on the memories and milestones that have been shared together throughout the years. A thoughtful gift can show your partner how much you care and appreciate them, and a custom puzzle can be a unique and meaningful option for an anniversary gift.

One of the biggest advantages of giving a custom puzzle as a gift is that it is a great way to show how well you know and understand your partner. Customized puzzles create a unique and personal experience. For example, you can have a puzzle made with a picture of the two of you or a place that holds special meaning for both of you. To make it even more special and personalized, you can have a special message or quote added to the puzzle, box or both. What a wonderful way of showing your affection.

Personalized Puzzles are also a great gift for couples who want to challenge themselves. You can find them in varying levels of difficulty. MakeYourPuzzles offers puzzles in 100, 260, 500 & 1000 pieces. And working on a puzzle together can be a great way to bond, strengthen your relationship, or just have some quality time spent together. Enjoy yourself and have fun with your very own and unique custom puzzle! Once it's completed, you can frame your puzzle and display it in your home!

So why not make your memories last a lifetime and order your custom photo puzzle today? It's the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you, or to simply commemorate your favorite moments. With its timeless appeal and personalized touch, this custom photo puzzle is a treasure you'll cherish for years to come.

What Is A Good Wedding Anniversary Gift?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it can be overwhelming to choose something that truly captures the essence of your relationship. To help you find the perfect gift for your special day, here are some tips on what makes a good wedding anniversary gift.

Something Personalized

Personalized gifts are a great way to show your partner how much you love them. Turn your favorite pictures into a puzzle with your personal message on the puzzle or box. Personalized gifts add a special touch to your anniversary celebration and are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Something Romantic

Romance is always a good idea on an anniversary, and there are many gifts that can help you create a romantic atmosphere. A couples' massage, a romantic dinner for two, or a puzzle of a special moment that meant so much to you both are just a few examples of romantic gifts that will show your partner how much you care. Image opening up a box of a puzzle with an image of your special weekend getaway, or that day at the vineyard. It definitely will be something they love!

Something Sentimental

Sentimental gifts are a great way to celebrate your relationship and the memories you have shared together. A special collage puzzle with multiple images of that special day or trip is a gift that can evoke powerful emotions and help to celebrate your love. How about a puzzle of the children as babies, or any of those special memories you cherish.

A good wedding anniversary gift is one that is meaningful, personal, and shows your love. The most important thing is that it comes from the heart, that is something that will be cherished for years to come. So, take your time and customize the perfect puzzle that truly captures the essence of your relationship and your love.

Why A Personalized Puzzle Is The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift?

A personalized puzzle can be a perfect wedding anniversary gift for many different reasons and here's why:

Personalization Adds a Special Touch

Personalized gifts are great gifts that show your partner you cherish them, that you appreciate them. A personalized puzzle is no exception. You can choose a puzzle with a special picture of the two of you or a place that holds special meaning for both of you. You can even have a special message or quote added to the puzzle to make it even more special. This personal touch will show your partner how much thought you put into the gift, making it a truly special and meaningful option for a wedding anniversary.

A Puzzle is a Shared Experience

Puzzles are a great option for couples who want to spend quality time together. They can be enjoyed by anyone and can be found in varying levels of difficulty, making them a great option for couples of any skill level. Working on a puzzle together can be a fun and bonding experience, and once the puzzle is completed, you will have a lasting memento of your time spent together.

Puzzles are Timeless and Enduring

Puzzles have been a popular form of entertainment for centuries, and their popularity continues to this day. Unlike other gifts that may become outdated or lose their appeal over time, a puzzle is a timeless and enduring gift that will be cherished for years to come. The best part of this is the time spent working on something that you can later showcase in your home.

Puzzles are a Creative and Unique Option

Like your partner, your wedding anniversary gift should be unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Be creative, select meaningful pictures for both of you and show your affection to your partner by presenting a personalized puzzle - your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness! At MakeYourPuzzles you can customize your puzzle but furthermore you can customize and personalize your custom puzzle box.

Types Of Personalized Puzzles We Offer

Custom Photo Puzzles

The classic photo puzzle and bestseller overall. Turn your favorite picture into a puzzle with a few clicks of a button. At MakeYourPuzzles you can choose from different puzzle sizes, puzzle layout designs and custom puzzle box personalization options. Budget-friendly but high quality - Made in the USA.

Collage Photo Puzzles

If you want to share pictures with your loved ones, but you cannot pick just one, you can pick up to 64 photos to create a special gift that will last a lifetime. Just select a few pictures and make a collage photo puzzle of your vacation pictures, wedding photos or snapshots from any special occasion to create a picture puzzle that will entertain you and your loved ones for years. Choose from 96+ Collage templates working with up to 64 images per puzzle. With our easy navigation customizer, creating a custom collage is easy and can be done in minutes.

Pro Photo Puzzles

We know how difficult it is to find high-resolution pictures to make the large Pro Photo Puzzles you want. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we offer access to a 140 Million High-Resolution photos from our databases. You can browse through different categories or search by keywords, and pick the picture you love. Add your own text or add clip art to finalize the customization process for your own unique Custom Photo Puzzle.

Creative And Lovely Ways To Give Your Partner A Puzzle As A Wedding Anniversary Gift

Pair It With A Box Of Chocolates

Want to make your custom photo puzzle even more memorable? Pair it with a box of their favorite chocolates or favorite flowers.

Use A Decorative Bag

Find a beautiful decorative gift bag, add their favorite-colored ribbon!

Use Your Wedding Photo For The Puzzle

What would be better than to have a custom puzzle with your wedding photo on it! Once you are finished, you can frame it as unique lasting memory.

Make A Theme Puzzle Of Something You Both Enjoy

You could customize your photo puzzle of your honeymoon pictures, or favorite vacation pictures together.

Personalize Your Wedding Anniversary Gift With Our Puzzles!

No matter what image or images you use, we can help you make it even more special with your custom box template or a message right on the puzzle or the box! Add clip art or your own image, just be creative!


If you are trying to give the perfect gift, make sure you make it personal to your spouse, make it thoughtful and sentimental and be creative! MakeYourPuzzles can make it easy to get the perfect gift of a custom photo puzzle.

MakeYourPuzzles uses only premium blue puzzle board, the latest digital print technology and precise die cutting technology, ensuring that your photo puzzle will last for years to come. Our picture puzzle maker is easy to use. Simply upload your photo, then we’ll take care of the rest! You don’t need to be a tech whiz to use our photo puzzle maker! Order your beautiful and unique customized photo puzzle now!


What Size Can The Puzzles Be?

We are currently offering 4 custom puzzle sizes and piece counts:

1000 piece puzzle, with a finished puzzle size of 19.25" x 26.63"

500 piece puzzle, with a finished puzzle size of 19.25" x 26.63"

260 piece puzzle, with a finished puzzle size of 12.75" x 16.00"

100 piece puzzle, with a finished puzzle size of 12.75" x 16.00"


What Are The Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year?

While, it’s hard to actually verify, it is thought that the tradition of gift giving specific items for wedding anniversaries came about in the Victorian era, although it has been modified to reflect more modern times.

1st Anniversary: Paper

5th Anniversary: Wood

10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

20th Anniversary: China

30th Anniversary: Pearls

40th Anniversary: Ruby

50th Anniversary: Gold

60th Anniversary: Diamond

Are Puzzles Good For Your Brain?

Puzzles have been shown to have various cognitive benefits, such as improving memory and recall and enhancing problem solving skills. They are said to stimulate brain activity and growth and decrease the risk of cognitive decline. While jigsaw puzzles help promote spatial reasoning and visual perception, it is important to note that puzzles should not be relied upon as the sole means of maintaining cognitive health. They are just another entertaining tool to use.

Are Collage Photo Puzzles More Expensive?

Whether you select one image with our custom photo puzzles or two or more images with our collage photo puzzle, the price is the same. So why not give them an amazing gift of a custom puzzle this anniversary?

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