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There are plenty of ways to show how much our pets mean to us. They are, after all, more than just animals–they’re part of our families. Getting a one hundred-piece puzzle dedicated to your cat (or, alternately, a one hundred-piece dog puzzle) is a great way to express your love for your animal friend, and you can create this customized puzzle with MakeYourPuzzles!

100-Piece Cat Puzzle | Make Your Own Cat Puzzle at MakeYourPuzzles

How to Make a One Hundred-Piece Cat Puzzle

Making a one hundred-piece cat puzzle is easy with MakeYourPuzzles. You simply have to upload a photo of your pet to our website, and we’ll construct the puzzle for you. If you want a bit more customization, you can also add graphics or text on top of your photo. You can even personalize the box that the puzzle comes in!

One Hundred-Piece Cat Puzzle Ideas

Whether you’re looking for custom one hundred-piece puzzle ideas for Christmas or just want to make a personalized puzzle for fun, here are some cat puzzle concepts to play around with:

Cute Cat Photo

A cute photo of your cat makes for a great custom puzzle! Browse through the images you have and choose from a simple portrait or a goofy picture. 

You probably have a favorite photo–one that you’ve used as your wallpaper or the image you show other people when you talk about your cat. You can choose just one picture or create a collage with MakeYourPuzzles.

Photo with Your Pet

Show off your relationship with your cat by designing a puzzle with a photo of the two of you together. This is where your selfies with your furry friend come in handy!

custom made Photo puzzle of cat | MakeYourPuzzles


Memorable Moment with Your Cat

Commemorate a memorable moment with your cat by turning it into a puzzle! Whether it’s a photo from the day you adopted them or a special birthday, you can treasure the memory with a custom jigsaw puzzle. The best part is that you can relive the moment as you complete the puzzle, reveling in the emotions you felt originally!

Remembering an Old Pet

If you have an old pet whose life you want to honor, you can create a one hundred-piece cat puzzle of them to cherish forever. This may be a childhood pet or a cat that you recently lost. Instead of just hanging pictures of them on the wall, you can design and complete a jigsaw puzzle in their memory, reminiscing as you put the pieces together.

Graphic-Designed Cat Photos

With MakeYourPuzzles, you can put a little pizazz in your creations with extra design tools. You can add text or graphics, like icons or shapes, to make your puzzles pop or to further personalize them for something more meaningful. 

Custom Pet Puzzles - 100-piece cat puzzle with 3 little ones | MakeYourPuzzles

Create a One Hundred-Piece Cat Puzzle with MakeYourPuzzles

MakeYourPuzzles makes it easy to customize your own cat puzzles. Simply head on over to our website, upload a photo of your pet, customize the puzzle and your box, and wait for your custom one hundred-piece jigsaw puzzle to be delivered to your doorstep. Try creating a customized cat puzzle today!


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