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Celebrating an anniversary is always a joyous occasion. A special night out, a romantic weekend getaway, or even a candlelit dinner at home can help set the mood. When we want to capture the moment, all we need is the help of a friendly waiter or passerby. With your smartphone camera auto-mode and a little luck, you’ll have a fantastic photo to share on social media or to hang in your home! 

While these snapshots are great, many people look for more exciting and unique ways to take anniversary photos. One way is to turn your picture-perfect moment into a custom photo puzzle that you and your spouse can assemble and display. 

Picture Puzzle of elderly couple at beach | Premium Custom Photo Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Here are some other ideas for the ultimate anniversary portrait to celebrate your love:

Recreating Old Photos

Depending on how many years it has been, recreating old photos can be an entertaining way to relive a moment in time. Finding a place where you had a first date photo taken and getting a second shot is fantastic for reminiscing. 

Alternatively, some of the best photos are those taken in the moment, such as a photo from a party. Finding other people who were also in the photo is also a fun way to let them in on your special anniversary. 

Even though you and your love have matured, it is important to have fun with these photos. Trying to fit into our old clothes and looking silly is definitely part of the enjoyment!

Photos are a record of a moment in time. Opening up that memory and living it again brings joy to many people, and it creates an opportunity to walk down memory lane. 

Same Faces, New Places

There are plenty of creative places you can take someone to make them feel special on your anniversary and get some great photos. You don’t need to spend a fortune, either! 

Historic buildings and districts are steeped in interesting architecture from a bygone era. Shooting some pictures in a neighborhood of Victorian mansions or Art Deco buildings adds an element of elegance to your special day. 

If you contact venues in advance, you may even be able to get access to the inside for photos. A pleasant conversation with staff or people in the area can open a lot of doors. 

Spring and early summer are a wonderful time to visit a botanical garden. These locations are artfully manicured to be a photographer's dream and admittance is typically affordable. Snapping photos with your loved one under a tunnel of vibrant purple wisteria or in tulip gardens guarantees a wonderful shot. 

Making a Photo Puzzle

With so many beautiful and unique places to take photos, one of the most fun ways to display them is with a one-of-a-kind custom photo puzzle. They aren’t just for you and your significant other–they also make great Thanksgiving gift ideas for your parents!

If you’re wondering where you can find a photo puzzle maker online, look no further than MakeYourPuzzles. Simply visit our site to upload your favorite memory, and you’ll be presented with a range of sizes and piece counts. Our puzzles come in one hundred-piece, 260-piece, 500-piece, and 1,000-piece options. 

How to Choose the Right Size Puzzle

For a simple evening of fun after dinner with the family, we recommend either a 48 piece, a one hundred-piece or 252-piece puzzle. Watching the photo come to life in front of your eyes is fun for the whole family. 

Individuals and families that enjoy more of a challenge can order a 500- or 1,000-piece puzzle. While these puzzles may take several hours or a few sessions to complete, the sense of accomplishment as the last piece snaps into place is incredibly satisfying. 

Custom Puzzle Size and Puzzle Piece Sizes | MakeYourPuzzles

Our one hundred-piece and 252-piece puzzles are about 50% larger than a piece of paper at around fourteen by nineteen inches. The 500- and 1,000-piece options are the size of a medium poster at nineteen by twenty-seven inches.

We also offer custom box images for your photo. This way, you’ll know what image you’re building and have a reference for putting the pieces together. 

Construct your memories with MakeYourPuzzles. Once your photo is uploaded, just choose your size and let us help you put the pieces of your special day together!

Make Your Own Puzzle for Your Anniversary | MakeYourPuzzles

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