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Jigsaw puzzles are perfect for anyone looking for an entertaining activity. You can take your puzzles to the next level through personalization. You can make your own puzzle from photos following a simple process from MakeYourPuzzles! With our easy-to-use website, you can print your own custom puzzles and have them delivered to your doorstep within one week.

MakeYourPuzzles allows you to make DIY custom puzzles. But, if you don't have a custom puzzle idea, don't worry–we've got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you how to personalize a jigsaw puzzle and what our high-quality photo puzzles offer.

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Choose Your Images, Text, and More 

MakeYourPuzzles offers jigsaw puzzles in many different sizes that you can customize. Once you select how many pieces you want, choose the photo or photos you want to use for your puzzle. You can pick from one of our many collage layouts or pick a single-photo puzzle. 

How to Choose Images for Your Puzzles

We recommend choosing images with various colors and contrasts. Big puzzles can be difficult to solve when they have a large section of one single color–for example, a landscape with a large grassy field or a clear blue sky makes it harder to distinguish which pieces go together. 

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Consider using a collage if you want to create a puzzle with multiple designs or if you can’t choose between a few photos. These puzzles can be more enjoyable to solve. 

Collage Photo Puzzle - up to 64 image per puzzle - 100+ collage templates at MakeYourPuzzles

Another option is turning your family photo into a puzzle. After all, a custom puzzle can be a great way to cherish your family photos forever. A puzzle with a family photo can also make a great gift for your loved ones. Your family can solve the puzzle together or turn it into a competition of who can complete it the fastest!

Pro Photo Puzzles 

When you don't have your own pictures you want to use for a puzzle, there are pro photo puzzles. This option still allows you to create your own jigsaw puzzle without uploading pictures. 

Pro Photo Puzzles - 140 million high resolution stock images - Make your own puzzle at MakeYourPuzzles

Instead, choose from our database of 140 million high-resolution images. You can search keywords if you have an idea of the type of picture you want to use. There are images of landscapes, famous landmarks, animals, and more.

These photos are great for larger puzzles that look better with high-quality pictures. You can still add a personal touch after you pick the photo you want to use. You can add text and adjust the font, color, and size. 

For example, you can select a picture of the Statue of Liberty and title it: "Welcome to New York!" This can also be a great way to surprise someone with a vacation. They have to solve the puzzle to find out where they're going!

The Best Group Activity

Solving a puzzle is the perfect activity to do by yourself or with a small group. Solving a puzzle gives you something to do as you catch up, watch your favorite movie, or listen to music together. 

Putting your jigsaw puzzle together can also help improve everyone's problem-solving skills and bring you closer, because you are working on a common goal while creating new memories. A larger puzzle will provide hours of entertainment, and everyone will have a sense of achievement when you finally finish it!

Custom Puzzle Fun

Creating your own custom puzzle can be a very rewarding experience–you get to make something special and share it with people you care about. MakeYourPuzzles offers an easy way to make the best personalized jigsaw puzzles with high-quality materials!

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