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Learning how to take proper care of your custom jigsaw puzzle–through methods like keeping the box in good shape and avoiding moisture–is a great way to ensure its longevity, as well as preserve and enjoy the puzzle for years to come. To help you get started, we put together the ultimate guide to helping you make the most of your puzzle, from the best jigsaw puzzle sorting strategies for your masterpiece to the best tips for caring for your custom jigsaw puzzle. 

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Keep the Box

One of the main things to remember if you want to keep your puzzle in good shape is to keep the box it originally came in. This will help when you come to sort your puzzle before assembling because it will help you keep all the pieces together and also reduces its exposure to dampness, dust, moisture, or any other external factors that could cause damage to the pieces.

Make sure you purchase your puzzle from a quality company. Having a 500-piece puzzle custom-made by experts at MakeYourPuzzles will not only help you enjoy the look and feel of the finish of a higher quality puzzle but also provide you with a rigid puzzle box that can be used to store your pieces and keep them in good condition for many years to come. 

Maintain Your Puzzle and Box

It may sound strange, but there are also tricks and tips you can try to help keep your puzzle pieces in good condition. For example, make sure you empty the box regularly, keep track of the pieces, and remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the puzzle. 

You can also add the pieces to a dry colander, and gently shake them through to remove any dust. Just take care not to damage any of the pieces when doing this.

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Avoid Excess Heat or Moisture

Another top tip to help keep your puzzle in the best possible condition is to try and avoid excess heat or moisture as much as possible. Both of these are natural enemies of your puzzle and can cause issues such as warping, and discoloration, or result in your pieces going out of shape so they do not fit together as well. All of these issues can result in a lumpy or disappointing final result.

Excess heat and sunlight can cause the image on your puzzle to fade, so make sure that pieces are stored properly in the box, and that any completed puzzles that you hang are located out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

Seal Completed Puzzles

Part of the joy of custom puzzles is having the chance to hang them in your home and enjoy them as works of art. This can be a satisfying way to enjoy your achievement (particularly for complex puzzles with hundreds of tiny pieces) as well as bring some beauty to your space.

To preserve your completed puzzle, take time to prepare and seal it properly before hanging or displaying it. Use a specialist puzzle adhesive on the back to ensure that the pieces stay together, and then invest in a puzzle sealant designed to keep the front in good condition. 

It will usually be a clear lacquer that can be brushed over the surface of the completed puzzle and left to dry. The protective film can reduce damage from dust, pollution, and other elements that can cause your puzzle to become discolored or faded. Finally, use a dedicated puzzle frame to add further protection to your creation.

Final Thoughts

Completing a custom puzzle is a real achievement. By learning the best ways to care for and preserve your completed project, you will be able to enjoy the final result for many years to come.

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