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Because puzzles come in a variety of sizes and piece counts, they’re sure to satisfy both the intrepid and the leisurely among our friends and family. 

Many puzzles depict photos of famous landmarks or recreations of well-known works of art. However, when gift-shopping, what is popular may lack a feeling of connection. That’s why ordering a custom photo puzzle is the perfect way to personalize any puzzle experience!

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Image Size Versus Piece Count

The number of pieces in a puzzle isn’t necessarily correlated to larger sizes. A poster-sized puzzle could be one hundred or 1,000 pieces and still be the same size when it’s complete–the only adjustment is the size of the pieces. 

The number of pieces in a puzzle relates more to enjoyment and difficulty level rather than the size of the puzzle. A one hundred-piece puzzle is perfect for a family with young children or as a gift that can be assembled quickly at a family gathering. 

Skill becomes an issue when the number of pieces in a puzzle is greater than 260. These puzzles take a few hours to complete and require some serious sorting. 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles are for the true puzzle lovers among us. Many people naturally like organizing things, and a massive number of puzzle pieces offers an opportunity to experience this rewarding feeling as the pieces are laid down in neat rows. 

When you get to 2,000-piece puzzles, you’re starting to look for someone who likes a challenge. Puzzles with this many pieces can take days or weeks to finish, and the satisfaction of completing a puzzle of this size is definitely a boost for the ego. 

Custom Photo Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

What Sizes Are Most Puzzles?

Puzzles are usually sized to specific aspect ratios so they can be viewed either horizontally (landscape) or vertically (portrait). It should be noted that different puzzle manufacturers use their own sizing. That said, here are a few sizes you’re likely to encounter while shopping for puzzles:

  • One hundred to 300 pieces: Twelve by eighteen inches
  • 500 to 1,000 pieces: Nineteen by twenty-seven inches
  • 2,000 pieces: Twenty-six by thirty-eight inches

Here at MakeYourPuzzles, our custom photo puzzles come in two primary sizes. One hundred- and 260-piece puzzles are 12.75 by sixteen inches, while our 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles are 19.25 by 26.6 inches. 

1000 Piece Custom Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Customizing Fun

Our custom puzzles make fantastic gifts, no matter the occasion. Thinking of getting a Mother's Day photo puzzle so you can relive a special moment? We’ve got you covered. You can also have the photo displayed on the box itself, so you can buy multiple photo puzzles and know which is which. 

You can also upload several photos and use one of our collage ideas. If you’re looking for photo puzzle piece art ideas, collages are a great place to start. Upload your photos today and let MakeYourPuzzles turn your memories into a fun activity for anyone!

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