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There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a 1000 piece puzzle. Instead of letting your hard work gather dust, why not frame it? Framing your puzzle preserves your achievement and turns it into a unique piece of art.

At MakeYourPuzzles, we know completing a 1000 piece custom puzzle is a big deal. Whether it's a stunning collage or a pro photo puzzle from our collection, framing is the perfect way to showcase your creation. So, how do you frame a 1000 piece custom puzzle? In this guide, we'll take you through the process step-by-step, from securing your pieces to choosing the right frame and displaying your masterpiece.

How to frame a 1000 piece puzzle | Make Your Own Puzzle | Custom Jigsaw Puzzles | MakeYourPuzzles

Preparing the Puzzle

Assembling the Puzzle

Before you can frame your 1000 piece custom puzzle, ensure it's fully assembled with no missing pieces. Double-check for snug fits and smooth out any uneven sections. This foundation is crucial for a flawless finish.

Securing the Puzzle

To keep your puzzle intact, you’ll need to secure the pieces together. The most popular method is using puzzle glue.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Puzzle Glue:

  1. Choose the Right Glue: Select a glue specifically designed for puzzles.
  2. Protect Your Workspace: Lay wax paper or newspaper under the puzzle to protect your surface.
  3. Apply the Glue: Starting from the center, gently pour the glue and spread it evenly using a brush or plastic card, ensuring it seeps into the cracks.
  4. Let It Dry: Allow the glue to dry completely, usually for a few hours. Check the glue’s instructions for precise drying times.

Alternative Method: Adhesive Sheets:

  • Adhesive Sheets: For a mess-free option, use adhesive sheets. Simply peel and stick them to the back of your puzzle, pressing firmly to ensure a secure hold.

Once your puzzle is secure, you’re ready to move on to choosing the perfect frame to showcase your hard work.


Frame your own Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Choosing the Right Frame

Measuring the Puzzle

Accurate measurement is key to selecting the perfect frame for your 1000 piece custom puzzle. For puzzles from MakeYourPuzzles, the standard size is 19.25" x 26.625". Here’s how to ensure you get the right frame:

  1. Measure the Puzzle: Use a tape measure to double-check the length and width of your completed puzzle, especially if you’ve glued it and it has expanded slightly.
  2. Consider Adding a Mat: If you want to add a mat around your puzzle, add the mat’s width to your measurements. Mats can enhance the visual appeal and provide extra protection.

Selecting a Frame

With your measurements in hand, it’s time to choose a frame. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Frame Size: Ensure the frame matches your puzzle’s dimensions. For MakeYourPuzzles' standard size of 19.25" x 26.625", you may need a custom frame if standard sizes don’t match.
  2. Frame Depth: Choose a frame with enough depth to accommodate the thickness of the glued puzzle.
  3. Frame Material: Select a material that complements your puzzle’s image and your home decor. Common options include wood, metal, and acrylic.
  4. Frame Style: From sleek and modern to ornate and traditional, choose a style that enhances your puzzle and fits your aesthetic preferences.

Preparing the Frame

Before mounting your puzzle, prepare the frame:

  1. Clean the Frame and Glass: Use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass or acrylic to ensure a clear, dust-free display.
  2. Gather Materials: Have your backing board, mat (if using), and mounting supplies ready.

With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to beautifully framing your 1000 piece puzzle from MakeYourPuzzles, turning it into a cherished piece of art.

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Mounting the Puzzle

Preparing the Frame

Before mounting your 1000 piece custom puzzle, ensure that your frame is clean and ready:

  1. Clean the Frame and Glass: Use a microfiber cloth to clean both the frame and the glass or acrylic. This ensures a dust-free and clear display for your puzzle.
  2. Gather Materials: Make sure you have all necessary materials at hand, including the backing board, mat (if using), mounting tape, or adhesive strips.

Placing the Puzzle in the Frame

Follow these steps to securely mount your puzzle in the frame:

  1. Prepare the Backing Board: If you are using a mat, center it on the backing board. Ensure it aligns properly.
  2. Align the Puzzle: Carefully place your secured puzzle (either glued or with adhesive sheets) on the backing board or mat. Ensure it’s centered and straight.
  3. Secure the Puzzle: Use double-sided mounting tape or adhesive strips to attach the puzzle to the backing board. Place the tape or strips around the edges and a few in the center for added security.
  4. Check Alignment: Once the puzzle is in place, double-check its alignment. Make sure it’s centered and straight before finalizing the mount.
  5. Assemble the Frame: Place the backing board (with the puzzle attached) into the frame. Ensure it fits snugly and securely.
  6. Seal the Frame: Use the frame’s fasteners or clips to secure the backing board in place. Ensure everything is tightly fastened to prevent the puzzle from shifting.

Final Touches

  1. Inspect the Frame: Check the frame for any dust or smudges on the inside before sealing it completely. Clean any spots as needed.
  2. Attach Hanging Hardware: If your frame does not come with pre-installed hanging hardware, attach it now. Ensure it’s properly centered to avoid a crooked display.

By following these steps, you can successfully mount your 1000 piece puzzle in a frame, creating a beautiful and lasting display of your hard work and achievement.

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Framing your 1000 piece puzzle is a fantastic way to preserve and showcase your hard-earned accomplishment. From securing the pieces to choosing the perfect frame and mounting your masterpiece, each step ensures that your puzzle remains a beautiful and cherished piece of art.

At MakeYourPuzzles, we understand the effort and joy that goes into completing a puzzle. By following this guide, you can turn your finished puzzle into a stunning display that not only decorates your space but also serves as a testament to your dedication and creativity.

And if you've ever wondered, "What age is a 1000 piece puzzle for?" our guide covers that too, ensuring that puzzlers of all ages can enjoy and preserve their creations.

So, gather your materials, follow these steps, and transform your puzzle into a framed work of art. And don't forget to share photos of your framed puzzles with us in the comments or on social media – we’d love to see your creations!

Happy puzzling and framing!


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