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Creating something unique and personal is a wonderful alternative to store-bought presents, and puzzles make great gifts for the whole family! They’re fun, interactive, collaborative, and can be tailored to any skill level. So, how can you print a custom puzzle?

With our puzzle maker tool, you can make your puzzle from a picture, and we’ll do the rest! Our system is intuitive and user-friendly, and our dedicated customer service reps are available to help you make your vision a reality if you get stuck along the way. MakeYourPuzzles takes the guesswork out of how to order a custom-made 1,000-piece puzzle.

How to Make a DIY Custom Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Creating Your Puzzle

Your puzzle is yours to make any choice you want. Before you get started, it’s helpful to narrow down a few points: who you are making it for, what the occasion, and what image(s) are you using.

Puzzle Size

You will want to base your puzzle size on the recipient. If they are younger or a novice puzzler, you may want to stick with a smaller puzzle around the one hundred-piece range. If you are gifting to an experienced puzzler or a family who will collaborate, 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles are wonderful and just challenging enough. 

Pick a Template

We offer nearly one hundred templates to choose from. Whether you are designing a birthday, Christmas, or family reunion puzzle, MakeYourPuzzles has got you covered. Choose a template that’s on theme and represents your style, as this will set the tone for your custom puzzle.

Custom Puzzle Templates | MakeYourPuzzles

Select Your Photos

Custom puzzles can be made using one standout photo or use an arrangement of photos to tell a story. You can upload up to sixty-four images to use for your puzzle–just make sure the ones you select are cohesive and high-quality. Especially for our 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles, high resolution photos of 2,400 pixels will guarantee a crisp, beautiful result. If you are going smaller, 1,600 pixels is sufficient.

With our drag-and-drop feature, you can play with any arrangement that looks good to you. You can resize and rearrange your photos to exactly where you want them.

Add Text and Clip Art

Here is where you can really emphasize how personal your puzzle is. Our text tool lets you add any text you like, and you can adjust the font, size, color, and placement. You can leave personal messages, or include names and dates. You can also choose from a library of clip art to add a little extra flair to your puzzle.

Designing the Box

MakeYourPuzzles is the only custom puzzle retailer that lets you fully customize your puzzle box. You can choose colors, photos, text, and graphics to add the finishing touches to your puzzle, as well as add an extra layer of personalized design. 

Once your design is complete, we will print your puzzle using the latest digital technology on a premium and eco-friendly puzzle board that’s guaranteed to stay flat and can be enjoyed again and again. MakeYourPuzzles custom photo puzzles are an affordable and creative way to give a timeless gift!

Make Your Own Puzzle From A Picture | MakeYourPuzzles

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