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With MakeYourPuzzles, you can easily upload an image and have a custom puzzle made with your photo. This is a wonderful way to create a unique gift from a special memory (e.g., a wedding, anniversary, family vacation, beloved pet, etc.) or a game that you can whip out when you have family or friends visiting. Some creative folks may like taking the puzzle one step further and making their own photo cube puzzle.

how to make a photo cube puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Think of this as a kind of Rubik’s cube that’s covered in sections of photos that need to be reassembled to reveal the original image. If this sounds like a project you’re excited to take on, here are the steps to bring your vision to reality:

Collect the Materials You Need

Gather the following items:

  • Wooden cubes
  • Six photos
  • Rubber cement (you can use white glue, but it can be a bit messy)
  • Scissors (if you have a steady hand) or paper cutter

You can make your own cubes or purchase them from a toy or teaching supply store. The number of blocks you need will depend on the size of the blocks and the size of your photographs.

To figure out the exact amount, simply multiply the dimensions of the photo and the product will be the number of blocks you’ll need. For example, if your photos are four inches by six inches, you need twenty-four one-inch blocks. 

Cut the Photos to Size

Lay out the cubes into a square or rectangular shape. Work with one photo at a time and cut them into squares that will cover the face of each cube. Place the squares from each photo in a safe place or in their own envelopes so that they don't get mixed up with squares from another photo.

Make your own puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Start Gluing

Add the rubber cement on the back of a piece of the photo and onto the cube you want it to go on. Place the square piece of the photo neatly and firmly in place. Repeat as many times as necessary until all the photo squares have covered all the sides of the blocks that are facing you.

Let the cubes dry so the images don’t shift when you are working on another side.

Turn all the cubes over so that a new blank side is facing upward again. Take the next photo squares out of the envelope and repeat the same process until all of the photo squares have been glued to the cubes. Make sure each block has exactly two sides covered before opening the next envelope.

Repeat until all six sides of each block are covered.

How Much Time Do You Have For Crafting?

If you’re not an avid DIYer and all of this sounds like too much work, we know just what you need–head to MakeYourPuzzles and follow our simple instructions to upload your photos, add any messages or text you want, play around with the color filters and other design elements, and you’re off and running with an easy, customized photo cube! Now, you don’t have to worry about learning how to make photos into puzzle pieces.

Sure, Walmart does photo puzzles too, but MakeYourPuzzles specializes in creating high-quality puzzle gifts. Doesn’t it make sense to order a custom photo puzzle from a pro rather than a store that is the jack of all trades? Let MakeYourPuzzles get your personalized photo puzzle right the first time!

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