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A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what if a photo could be a thousand puzzle pieces? You can combine your creativity with your favorite memories to create works of art with a custom puzzle maker from photos, and add a personalized touch to your most cherished moments.

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It’s simple to create a jigsaw puzzle from a photo online, whether it’s a family portrait, a picture from a family vacation or a snapshot of your pet. These photos transform into an innovative, fun way to make core memories with those you love most. 

Learning how to make a custom puzzle is easier than you think. Once you’ve made your photo selections, you can add additional designs, and before you know it, you’ll have a new, ready-to-gift puzzle within days.

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Do-It-Yourself or Turn to the Pros?

You may be tempted to print out a photo and craft a puzzle yourself. While this is a viable and fun craft option, it takes plenty of patience and hours of dry time to avoid any smearing or wrinkles. There are several ways something could potentially go wrong and ruin your hard work.

Turning to a professional cuts down on hours of crafting and delivers a high-quality product. With MakeYourPuzzles, your custom photo puzzle is made and designed within minutes and shipped to you within days. Unlike other puzzle companies, MakeYourPuzzles is 100% made in the US, uses high-quality, eco-friendly materials, and doesn’t charge you for shipping.

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What Size Should I Choose?

Are you feeling up to a challenge or just looking for a relaxing social activity for your family? These are the types of questions you’ll want to weigh when deciding which size puzzle is right for you.

MakeYourPuzzles offers a variety of sizes for all ages. Our 500-piece and 1,000-piece puzzles are technically the same size, but are designed for different skill sets. The 500-piece, for example, includes larger pieces that make it easier to piece together. However, this puzzle can still pose a challenge for any puzzle pro!

How to Create the Perfect Photo Puzzle

It all starts with the perfect photo and the size you want the puzzle to be. 

From then, the fun begins. MakeYourPuzzles offers several ways to enhance your photo puzzle to the fullest. By incorporating filters, vibrant text in a variety of fonts, or whimsical clipart, you can elevate your puzzle’s appearance however you’d like. Plus, you also have the option to personalize the photo puzzle box for an extra special touch.

Online Puzzle Maker - MakeYourPuzzles

Great For All Ages

Whether you’re looking for a gift for small children or grown adults, a photo puzzle is a fun bonding experience for the whole family. Everyone brings a different dynamic to the puzzle-solving process, and it’s an exceptional way to celebrate and honor the people and memories you hold dear. 

If you’re looking for a custom photo puzzle to give as a memorable gift, MakeYourPuzzles has your back. Visit our website to learn how you can create a unique puzzle gift today!

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