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When families get together, they often pull out a game or two to keep the crowd entertained and engaged in a fun activity. One way to put a personal twist on this idea is to have a photo from a favorite vacation, an endearing moment, the last family reunion, or of the family pet converted into a puzzle that everyone can play a part in solving.

MakeYourPuzzles can turn your custom puzzle photo into a high-quality, one-of-a-kind jigsaw of a memorable event. When you pull out the puzzle box filled with interlocking pieces that can be assembled to recreate the familiar image on the box, it is bound to get everyone’s attention and spark some lively conversation.

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Who Is Going to Work on the Puzzle?

Before you place an order for a custom family photo puzzle, think about who is most likely going to help put it together. Are there going to be adults in the group? Are there young children in the family?

Who works on a puzzle will determine the size and amount of puzzle pieces that should be ordered. It’s also important to be familiar with the dimensions of the finished puzzle to ensure you have a flat space in the room where the finished masterpiece will fit and can be admired by everyone.

Here are some general guidelines that can help you figure out the right size:

  • One hundred pieces (12.75 inches by sixteen inches) are perfect for children who are six and seven years old.
  • 260 pieces (12.75 inches by sixteen inches) are best for children eight or nine years old and adults.
  • 500 pieces (19.25 inches by 26.63 inches) are suitable for children who are ten years old through adults. Plan on the puzzle taking five or more hours to complete.
  • 1,000 pieces (19.25 inches by 26.63 inches) will usually take ten hours or more to solve and are best for children ten years old through adults.
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Keep in mind that the complexity of the photo will also play a part in how difficult a puzzle is to solve. In general, more colorful photos usually make puzzles easier to solve. Those who like twisting the pieces of a Rubik’s cube into matching colors may also enjoy figuring out how to make a photo cube puzzle.

A Few More Steps to Creating a Custom Puzzle

Once you nail down the photo you want to use and the size of the puzzle you want, there are a few other details that need to be decided. For example, you can add a few words to an area of the image that is not particularly crowded. This could be a headline, a quote that sums up the moment depicted in the picture, or a special message you want to share.

As a fun final touch, you can customize the puzzle box with the same image so everyone knows what the final result should look like when all the pieces are in the right place!

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dive Into a Puzzle

Puzzles are not just a way of passing the time when you are alone–they are a great way to spend time with friends or family, laughing and pondering how to put hundreds of small, oddly shaped pieces together to bring an image to life. At times, puzzle time can even turn into a little friendly competition as everyone contributes and collaborates while spending some quality time together!

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