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Solving a jigsaw puzzle can be easy if you follow a strategy. We recommend finding a puzzle that suits your abilities, working on a smooth and flat surface, and sorting the pieces by 'border' and 'center' pieces. Then, assemble the border pieces. Once that’s completed, work your way inwards with the center pieces until the puzzle is completed.

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Working on a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to pass the time. They are perfect for a rainy day or when you need a challenging task that’s also fun. Completing a jigsaw puzzle can be rewarding and give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Some jigsaw puzzles are easy to assemble, while others come together slowly. When you're solving 500-piece puzzles (or larger), setting yourself up for success is crucial. You can take steps to help you solve a jigsaw puzzle efficiently. In this post, we'll go over everything from how to solve a puzzle to where to buy jigsaw puzzles

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Select a Jigsaw Puzzle 

You have to pick out a jigsaw puzzle before going through the assembly process. But first, why is it called a ‘jigsaw puzzle?’ The name 'jigsaw' comes from the type of saw used to cut the pieces in the 1800's. These puzzles have irregularly shaped pieces that fit together to create a picture. The saw was able to cut these wonky shapes, and soon, they were known as ‘jigsaw puzzles.’ 

If you're looking for jigsaw puzzles, MakeYourPuzzles offers custom puzzle options in various sizes. They are all made from high-quality materials, and the entire production and supply chain is eco-friendly. You can create puzzles using pictures of your pets, family, friends, or anything you can think of!

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Find the Ideal Work Space 

Once you have your puzzle and are ready to assemble it, you must find the ideal workspace. Look for an area with enough space to spread the pieces out. If your puzzle will take hours to solve, choose a space where it won't get in the way. Set up in a low-traffic area with a flat surface. 

You'll also want to make sure the area is well-lit. To assemble the puzzle, you'll need to be able to see the colors and patterns. Certain desk lamps can be adjusted easily, and you can point them toward your puzzle. 

Sort Your Pieces

Next, dump out your puzzle and turn all the pieces so that you can see the picture side. This step may seem tedious, but it's important to be able to see all the pieces. 

As you flip over the pieces, you can sort them into different sections. Place the border pieces into one pile and the center puzzle pieces into another. You can also sort by color or pattern, depending on the picture of your puzzle. 

Assemble the Border 

It's time to start putting the pieces together. First, focus on your border pieces by spreading them out to see them better. The color or pattern on the pieces can indicate which pieces go where. Pay attention to the edges and corner pieces to help bring the border together. 

Assemble the border all the way around until you have the shape of the puzzle complete. You can leave the center of the frame empty during this step. 

Assemble the Center 

The hardest part of solving a jigsaw puzzle can be assembling the center. You should keep the completed picture in front of you as you solve the puzzle. Pay attention to the pieces' different colors, textures, and shapes so they can come together to complete a section. 

The puzzle pieces have hooks or knobs, and it should be obvious when they don't match up. Work on one section of the center at a time and place it inside the border as you go. If you find yourself stuck, it's okay to move on to another section and return when you think you've found the missing piece. 

The Bottom Line 

Solving a jigsaw puzzle can feel overwhelming when you’re looking at all the pieces. However, it feels much more manageable when you break up the process into smaller steps. Find the best jigsaw puzzles at MakeYourPuzzles to get started!

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