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The satisfaction that comes with completing a large puzzle, especially one that contains many pieces, is immeasurable. But after hours of patience have finally paid off, what should you do with it?

Custom photo jigsaw puzzles can be displayed in many ways. Many people mount them on sturdy poster boards and have them framed for their interior walls. In this article, we’ll look at a few other creative ideas for your puzzles once they are complete.

Photo Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Whole Puzzle Art

Completed puzzles aren’t just for framing and hanging. They can be turned into all sorts of works of art. One unique option is placing the puzzle under a glass tabletop. This way, your masterpiece can be seen and enjoyed any time you use the table! This makes a great conversation piece for guests.

Many people have their completed puzzles turned into works of art by encasing them in epoxy or acrylic. This way, they can then be used as tabletops or hanging wall art all by themselves. 

You can also take several completed puzzles and turn them into a mural. The texture of puzzle pieces is a guaranteed attention-grabber for any room. Simply hang some backingboard on the wall and attach your puzzle as you see fit.

Partial Puzzle Ideas

MakeYourPuzzles’ online photo puzzle maker gives you the ability to upload multiple photos for a puzzle collage. Collages are a fantastic choice for this type of art, and once the puzzle is complete, you can separate the photos from each other.

Photo Collage Puzzles | Make Your Own Collage Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

You can glue the individual photos together and hang them in separate frames, or use multiple puzzles to create a 3D shape, such as a box. Alternatively, you can attach the individual photos to objects, like a wreath for a puzzle-inspired Christmas gift.

Lastly, you can opt for a puzzle cube! These cubes feature multiple photos on a Rubik’s cube that users have to sort out and match.

Make Your Own Puzzle

With MakeYourPuzzles, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless. Our puzzles come in four piece counts: 48 piece, one hundred-, 252-, 500-, and 1,000 piece puzzles are all available. You can upload a single photo for one epic-sized masterpiece or create a collage out of various photos of family and friends. Once your puzzle is complete, you can use the ideas above to turn your puzzle into a unique piece of art or a fantastic gift! 

500 Piece Custom Photo Puzzle with custom puzzle box | MakeYourPuzzles

If you want more unique approaches to photo puzzles, check out our article on photo puzzle piece art ideas. There, you’ll find several ways to turn even individual puzzle pieces into tiny works of art. Check out MakeYourPuzzles’ photo puzzle options today and see how you can turn your favorite memories into hours of fun!


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