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Traditionally, once puzzles are completed, there are two options for what to do next. You take apart the puzzle and place it back in the box, or you have it mounted on a display board to hang on the wall. 

However, many people are starting to take their puzzles a step further and remake them into unique and incredible works of art. This creative process can be used for puzzles depicting famous works of art as well as custom puzzles from photos. 

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In our article “Photo Puzzle Display Ideas,” we suggest a few ideas on how to use completed or partial puzzles as display pieces. In this post, we’ll discuss some photo puzzle display ideas as well as some ways to use individual pieces as miniature works of art for all sorts of crafty creations! 

Arts and Crafts

A little glue and some creative juices can take a puzzle piece in a thousand different directions. When you start considering how big a 2,000-piece puzzle is, you can make a lot of creations with one puzzle. 

Magnets are a popular option for families that enjoy decorating the refrigerator. All it takes is some low-cost disc magnets and a touch of glue. Ornaments are also a popular choice for crafting with puzzles–placing puzzle pieces inside a hollow ornament is a fun way to bring the family together. They aren’t just for Christmas, either; you can make ornaments of all kinds for many occasions. They can be used as general decor, accents on seasonal table displays, or mantle adornments. 

man walking with an art puzzle - Photo Puzzle Ideas by MakeYourPuzzles


Thanks to social media, it’s easy to see all kinds of colorful and creative ideas for homemade jewelry. One of the most popular is puzzle piece jewelry. Puzzle pieces are just the right size to be made into a variety of accessories for daily use or special occasions. 

Earrings are a very popular choice for puzzle piece jewelry, as the cardboard construction is easy to pierce with earring wire. You can use single pieces or multiple pieces on a loop, similar to how keys hang from a keyring. 

Lockets and pendants are also fantastic options. You can place a tiny puzzle piece inside each side of a clamshell locket to be displayed when it is opened. Alternatively, you can encase a small puzzle piece in clear resin for use as a pendant on a necklace. 

Not everyone enjoys wearing jewelry, of course. Some people prefer to use puzzle pieces as keychains and backpack or handbag accessories. Whatever their form, these pieces offer a unique way to express your love of puzzles. 

Think Bigger

MakeYourPuzzles is all about creating quality memories. Whether you’re looking for a photo collage puzzle to put together and display, a photo cube to play with, or any other kind of custom photo puzzle to make art with, we’ve got you covered. Check out our wide range of photo puzzle gift options today–the possibilities are endless!

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