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A Game Changer: Puzzle Collage Template

Picture this: It's a chilly December evening, and you're sipping on some hot cocoa. The Christmas tree is twinkling, and you're feeling that holiday magic. Now, what if you could capture that very essence, not just in a photo, but in a puzzle? A puzzle that you can piece together while reliving those cherished moments. Welcome to the enchanting realm of seasonal and holiday-themed collage photo puzzles! At MakeYourPuzzles, we're not just about puzzles; we're about creating memories. Dive into our Collage Photo Puzzles collection and discover how you can make every season and holiday a part of your cozy puzzle-solving sessions.

Collage Photo Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Why Seasonal and Holiday Puzzles are a Hit

The Emotional Connection

Seasons and holidays are more than just dates on a calendar; they're a feeling, a vibe, a mood! Whether it's the cozy warmth of Christmas or the vibrant colors of spring, these times of the year evoke emotions that are deeply ingrained in us. Now, imagine capturing those feelings in a puzzle. That's right—a puzzle that you can touch, feel, and piece together. It's like bottling up the essence of a season or holiday and letting it out each time you pick up a puzzle piece.

The Extra Layer of Excitement

Puzzles are already a blast, but add in the seasonal or holiday theme, and a personalization and you've got yourself a party! Think of it as the cherry on top of your sundae. It's the little details—the snowman in the corner, the Easter eggs scattered around—that make each puzzle piece a discovery in itself.

What Makes MakeYourPuzzles Stand Out

  • Unmatched Quality: Our puzzles aren't just eye-candy; they're built to last.
  • Endless Customization: From the number of photos to the choice of themes, you're in control.
  • Seasonal Specials: We offer exclusive designs for each season and major holidays.

So, are you ready to add a sprinkle of seasonal magic to your puzzle-solving adventures? Trust us, once you experience our Collage Photo Puzzles with a seasonal twist, you'll wonder how you ever puzzled without them!

Crafting Your Own Seasonal Collage Puzzle

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Magic

Creating a seasonal or holiday-themed collage photo puzzle with MakeYourPuzzles is like baking a cake—you get to choose the ingredients, the design, and the final touch. First, you pick your season or holiday. Is it a winter wonderland or a spooky Halloween night? Next, you upload your chosen photos. Maybe it's the kids making snow angels or the family gathered around the Thanksgiving table. Finally, you add your personal touches—text, clip-arts, or even a special message.

Customization Features That Make You the Artist

  • Number of Photos: Whether it's a duo of lovebirds for Valentine's or a full family portrait for Christmas, you decide.
  • Templates: Choose from our 96+ collage templates that range from simple to intricate designs.
  • Text and Clip-Arts: Add a "Merry Christmas" banner or a cute Easter bunny to make it uniquely yours.



Perfect For

Number of Photos

2 to 64

Family gatherings, romantic occasions


96+ available

Any season or holiday

Text and Clip-Arts


Adding that extra personal touch


Collage Photo Template | MakeYourPuzzles

The MakeYourPuzzles Advantage

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our seasonal and holiday-themed Collage Photo Puzzles aren't just puzzles; they're keepsakes that you'll treasure for years to come. And let's not forget about the little ones—our kids' puzzles offer both fun and educational value, making them a hit with parents and youngsters alike.Popular Seasons and Holidays for Collage Puzzles

Seasons That Steal the Show

When it comes to seasons, each has its own unique charm. Winter brings the magic of snowflakes and cozy firesides. Spring offers blooming flowers and chirping birds. Summer is all about beach vibes and sunsets, while autumn gives us the splendor of falling leaves and pumpkin spice everything.

Holidays That Make the Cut

From the sparkle of Christmas and Hanukkah to the colorful bursts of Easter and the Fourth of July, holidays are a treasure trove of themes for collage puzzles. And let's not forget the lovey-dovey vibes of Valentine's Day or the spooky fun of Halloween.


Suggested Themes

Best For


Snowflakes, Christmas, New Year

Family gatherings


Easter, Blooms, Earth Day

Outdoor enthusiasts


Fourth of July, Beaches

Summer parties


Halloween, Thanksgiving

Cozy nights in


Holiday Collage Photo Puzzles | MakeYourPuzzles

Mix and Match for Ultimate Fun

Who says you have to stick to one theme? Get creative and mix Easter bunnies with spring blooms, or combine Halloween pumpkins with autumn leaves. The sky's the limit when you're crafting your own seasonal and holiday-themed Collage Photo Puzzles.

Gifting Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Collage Puzzles

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Let's be real—finding the perfect gift can be a Herculean task. But what if you could give a gift that's not just a thing, but an experience? A seasonal or holiday-themed collage photo puzzle is more than a present; it's a memory in the making. Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, these puzzles are gifts that people will actually want to keep.

Occasions That Call for a Special Puzzle

  • Anniversaries: How about a puzzle that captures moments from each season you've spent together?
  • Birthdays: Choose a theme that matches the birthday person's favorite season or holiday.
  • Just Because: Sometimes, you don't need a reason to make someone's day special.

The Types of Collage Puzzles That Suit Each Holiday


Suggested Collage Puzzle Theme

Valentine's Day

Romantic moments and love notes


Family gatherings and egg hunts

Fourth of July

Fireworks and patriotic themes


Spooky scenes and costumes


Family feasts and thankful moments


Winter wonderlands and family portraits

So, the next time you're scratching your head over what to gift, remember—a seasonal or holiday-themed Collage Photo Puzzle is a gift that will be cherished, not re-gifted! 

Tips for Capturing Seasonal and Holiday Photos

The Art of the Perfect Shot

Capturing the essence of a season or holiday in a photo isn't just about pointing and shooting. It's about the angle, the lighting, and the emotion. Whether it's the golden glow of a Thanksgiving dinner or the serene beauty of a snow-covered landscape, the right photo can make your collage puzzle a masterpiece.

Photography Tips for Each Season

  • Winter: Capture the sparkle of snow and the warmth of indoor lights.
  • Spring: Focus on blooming flowers and the vibrant colors of new life.
  • Summer: Sunsets and beach scenes are your best friends.
  • Autumn: The changing leaves and golden light create a magical backdrop.

How to Arrange Your Photos

Once you've got your perfect shots, the next step is arranging them in a way that tells a story. Here are some tips:

  • Balance: Try to balance colors and themes across the collage.
  • Focus: Have a central image that captures the essence of the season or holiday.
  • Details: Small details like clip-arts or text can add a finishing touch.


Photography Tip


Use natural light to capture snowflakes


Early morning shots for dewy flowers


Golden hour for that perfect beach photo


Overcast days bring out autumn colors

So, ready to turn your seasonal and holiday snapshots into a work of art? With MakeYourPuzzles, your photos aren't just photos; they're pieces of a Collage Photo Puzzle that you'll treasure forever.


Crafting Memories Has Never Been Easier

Let's face it, the thought of designing something from scratch can be daunting. But at MakeYourPuzzles, we've made the process so simple, it's practically child's play. With just a few clicks, you can upload your photos, choose your template, and add your personal touches. It's not just easy; it's a blast!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Creating a seasonal or holiday-themed collage photo puzzle isn't just fun; it's a nostalgic journey. Every photo you pick reignites cherished memories, each puzzle piece you fit together sparks joy, and the completed puzzle serves as a beautiful mosaic of your life's highlights.

Why MakeYourPuzzles is Your Go-To

We're not just about making puzzles; we're about making memories. With our user-friendly design process and top-tier quality, your Collage Photo Puzzle will be more than a keepsake—it'll be a treasure.

Custom Collage Puzzles | MakeYourPuzzles


When it comes to creating a seasonal or holiday-themed collage photo puzzle, questions are bound to pop up. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some FAQs to guide you through the process.

How Do You Make A Puzzle Collage?

Creating a puzzle collage at MakeYourPuzzles is as easy as 1-2-3! First, select your preferred puzzle size and piece count to fit your vision. Next, choose from our extensive range of 96+ collage templates and upload your favorite pictures to bring your puzzle to life. Finally, add your personal touch by customizing the puzzle and puzzle box with your own text or message, and spice it up with graphic elements like clip art. Voila! You've just crafted a one-of-a-kind Photo Collage Puzzle! 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Photo Collage Puzzle? 

Once you've placed your order, our skilled team gets to work, crafting your personalized wedding puzzle with precision and care. The production time? A mere 2-3 business days. That's right, in less than a workweek, your custom puzzle is ready to go.

But hold on, we're not done yet. We offer free shipping within the United States, which generally takes an additional 1-5 business days. So, in total, you're looking at a turnaround time of 4-8 business days from the moment you click 'Order' to the time this cherished keepsake arrives at your doorstep. 

What Puzzle Sizes Do You Offer?

Currently we offer the following puzzle size and piece counts:

  • 1000 piece puzzle, 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • 500 piece puzzle, 19-1/4" x 26-5/8"
  • 260 piece puzzle, 14” x 19-1/4”
  • 100 piece puzzle, 14” x 19-1/4”
  • 48 piece puzzle, 14” x 19-1/4” (coming soon)

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