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There’s so much to marvel about when it comes to space. From the stars to the planets to the galaxies, everything exhibits the beauty of the universe and demands awe-struck attention. 

This makes space a great design for a one hundred-piece personalized puzzle. You can explore different space-themed concepts when making your personalized puzzle–and each one promises a challenge that deserves to be displayed after completion.

100-Piece Space Puzzles | MakeYourPuzzles

Space Puzzle Ideas

Space holds infinite phenomena and elements, so there’s no shortage of ideas that you can use for a jigsaw puzzle. Here are some sources of inspiration to get you started:

Planet Puzzle

Just as the earth is amazing, so are all the other planets in the universe (even Pluto, regardless of whether or not you consider it a planet!). Pick the one that fascinates you the most and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle that you can piece together. 

This will allow you to take a better look at the planet in its entirety, giving you a new sense of appreciation for it. If you can’t choose just one, consider finding an image of the entire solar system or create a collage of your top choices with MakeYourPuzzle’s puzzle maker.

Galaxy Puzzle

Zoom out a bit into the vast expanse of space and you’ll get a snapshot of the Milky Way in all its glory. This is a beautiful sight–one that can only be typically captured by high-powered telescopes. 

You can find photos of the galaxy with a quick search on your own or check out MakeYourPuzzle’s catalog of photos to find something that you can feature in your jigsaw puzzle.

A galaxy puzzle makes for a great one hundred-piece Valentine’s puzzle, too. Nothing says ‘You’re my universe’ better!

Spaceship Puzzle

There’s more to space than what’s there naturally. Spaceships, along with other space-related tech, are fascinating, too, and they work great as focal points for a jigsaw puzzle. A UFO, space shuttle, or space jet–whether existing or designed completely from your imagination–will be fun to assemble.

Custom 100-Piece Galaxy Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Alien Puzzle

Whether you believe in other life forms or not, aliens are a great idea to feature on a jigsaw puzzle for the space lover in your life. This concept can encourage a loved one’s imagination–especially if they’re a kiddo (the same way as, say, a one hundred-piece unicorn puzzle would)!

How to Make a One Hundred-Piece Space Puzzle

Creating a one hundred-piece space puzzle is easy with MakeYourPuzzles. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own custom puzzle:

1. Choose an Orientation

Decide whether you want your space puzzle in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation. For most concepts, it’ll probably be best to do the latter to capture the vastness of the universe.

2. Upload a Space Photo

Upload the space photo or design that you want printed on your puzzle. This can be a photo that you’ve taken, an illustration you’ve made, or a free-to-use image off the internet. If you don’t have a picture sourced, you can check out MakeYourPuzzle’s catalog of images to find what you’re looking for!

3. Customize Your Design

MakeYourPuzzles allows you to add text or other graphic elements such as clip art or text to your puzzle. This lets you add your personal touch to it, which is especially useful if you’re giving the puzzle as a gift.

4. Personalize the Box

You can also personalize the box the puzzle will come in, adding text, images, and graphics to make it special.

5. Place an Order

Order your puzzle on our website and simply wait for it to arrive at your doorstep in a couple of days!

make your own 100-Piece Puzzles | MakeYourPuzzles

Customize a Space Puzzle on MakeYourPuzzles

Create beautiful and challenging one hundred-piece space puzzles on MakeYourPuzzles! Check out our website to get started on your custom jigsaw puzzle today.


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