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Unicorns are symbols of an extraordinary world where our imaginations can roam–and it’s good to encapsulate that sense of curiosity by turning the concept of a unicorn into a fun activity. With MakeYourPuzzles, you can create a one hundred-piece custom puzzle on unicorns in just a few steps.

The Magic of Unicorn Puzzles

There are plenty of puzzle themes out there, from a one hundred-piece dog puzzle to a space puzzle with one hundred pieces. Of course, a unicorn puzzle has inherent magic.

A Fun Activity

Unicorn puzzles are a fun activity because they can come in all shapes, colors, and forms. No unicorn is ever the same! And with the customization options available at MakeYourPuzzles, your one hundred-piece unicorn puzzle can be even more unique with personal touches of text and graphics.

A Creative Gift

Custom puzzles are already creative gifts in themselves, but tacking on a unicorn theme makes them even more ingenious! When you design a unicorn puzzle with a one-of-a-kind design, you’re giving something especially unique as a gift for a whimsical friend.

How to Make a One Hundred-Piece Unicorn Puzzle

With MakeYourPuzzles, customizing a one hundred-piece unicorn is simple. You can do this in a few easy steps.

First, pick an orientation for your puzzle. This will ultimately depend on the design you’re eyeing for your puzzle, but you can choose between portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. 

Next, upload the unicorn photo you want featured on your puzzle. You can design this yourself, then upload the image to the puzzle maker or choose from a large catalog of images available on the site. 

Once you have your image, you can further customize your puzzle by adding text or other elements, like shapes or clip art. This is where you can truly have fun and make a unique jigsaw puzzle! 

Finally, you can even personalize the box that the puzzle comes in. As a default, you’ll get a box with the photo of your puzzle on it that acts as a guide for when you piece it together later on. But when you personalize it with MakeYourPuzzles’ easy-to-use customization tools, you can add graphics, colors, and text to truly make it your own. Plus, having a beautiful puzzle box to hold your personalized gift means you won’t need any gift wrap!

Custom Unicorn Puzzles from MakeYourPuzzles

MakeYourPuzzles aims to help you craft custom puzzles that make for a fun activity and a memorable keepsake. Whether you’re ready to get started on creating a personalized unicorn puzzle or a puzzle featuring any other animal, character, or image you’d like, MakeYourPuzzles has you covered. Check out our website to create your own one hundred-piece puzzle today!


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