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To make putting together a puzzle more enjoyable, find a dedicated place to work on it, separate edge pieces, organize pieces by colors and shapes, take your time putting it together, enjoy your accomplishment, and have fun!

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Advice from Seasoned Puzzlers

Puzzles can be addicting, but they can also be a little frustrating when you’re just getting started. We have some straightforward strategies that can come in handy after you open the box and stare down at the jumble of pieces.

We’ll share a secret, too–these steps are essentially the same, regardless of the size of the puzzle or a person’s abilities. They are perfect for that custom jigsaw puzzle made from a photo you ordered from MakeYourPuzzles after learning about all the fun designs possible with a custom jigsaw puzzle printing process.

Dedicate a Place to Build the Puzzle

Find a flat surface that is slightly larger than the dimensions printed on the puzzle box. This should be a low-traffic area where the puzzle can be left in different stages of completion for days (or weeks) at a time. A spare card table, corner of a floor, or puzzle table all work well.
Make your jigsaw puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Separate Edge Pieces from the Other Pieces

Find the pieces that have at least one (and sometimes two) straight edges and place them face up in a group. Once you’re sure you have all of them, put them together using the picture on the box as a guide for where they belong. This will give you a completed border for the rest of the puzzle.

Organize by Color and Textures

Group the remaining pieces by themes of color, textures, and images that appear on the printed side. This makes finding a specific color or shape easier. Again, the box can help figure out which pieces belong in what general area.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dive In

Choose an area of the puzzle that you find interesting and start putting those pieces together. For example, if there are words, distinctive striping, or other patterns in a corner of the image, this is a good place to begin.

It’s perfectly fine to jump to another spot if you see an opportunity to make more progress. It’s also perfectly fine to take a break, because solving a puzzle is not a race.

Some people group interior pieces by their shape when they feel they’ve gotten as far as they can with just colors and images. This helps you fill that hole in the middle of the puzzle that only a certain-shaped puzzle piece could ever fit.

Celebrate Your Accomplishment

Once you’re finished, stand back and admire your handiwork. You may even consider learning how to seal a jigsaw puzzle if you want to make it into a piece of art to hang on a wall.

When you disassemble the puzzle, make sure all the pieces end up back in the box–you don’t want the next person who gives it a try to get to the end and have one piece missing!
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Custom Puzzles Are the Jam

There are no hard and fast rules for doing puzzles, and some people may have other systems that are effective for them. You also aren’t limited by the puzzles you find in the store. 

If you have a favorite photo, upload it to MakeYourPuzzles and create a personalized puzzle with our easy-to-use platform. Your friends and family will be delighted to work on it when you bring it out!


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