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The best and most effective way to start a jigsaw puzzle is to begin by solving a small area and progressing gradually, instead of attempting to assemble pieces all over the puzzle
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What Is a Jigsaw Puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle–including a custom jigsaw puzzle made online–is a type of game that involves assembling small interlocking pieces that are designed to come together seamlessly to complete a larger image. Each of the small pieces depicts a portion of the larger image. Therefore, you must ensure that each piece fits in the correct place to match the exact color, pattern, and design of the image. 

How to Start a Jigsaw Puzzle Successfully

Starting and completing a jigsaw puzzle isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re completing an advanced puzzle. Although the speed with which you complete the puzzle matters, pay more attention to how you start your puzzle, as this will determine how quickly and successfully you complete the puzzle.

Here are the steps you need to take to start your jigsaw puzzle effectively:

Pick Your Puzzle

The type of puzzle you choose depends on several factors, including what you want to achieve, what interests you, and the level of challenge you want. So, start by choosing a jigsaw puzzle that suits your needs.

Choose a puzzle that interests you so that you can enjoy the entire process of completing it. For instance, if you’re a fan of pop culture, fantasy books, or comic book movies, you may have more fun completing jigsaw puzzles depicting your favorite characters or stories. 

Sort Your Pieces

Open your box and empty the contents carefully. Lay the pieces on a flat surface in front of you and sort them. Ensure the patterned side of each piece is facing up.

Identify the edges of each piece, especially those that have a straight edge. You’ll need these pieces to build the outer frame of the puzzle. Then, sort the pieces by their colors and images.

Start With the Frame

It’s easiest to start with the puzzle’s frame because it’s the skeleton of your jigsaw puzzle. Most frames have straight edges, so it’s relatively simple to complete them. Once you get the frame, it will be easier to fill in the rest of the puzzle.

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Puzzling it Out

A jigsaw puzzle demands a great deal of problem-solving skills and critical thinking, so it’s a perfect game for someone who wants to challenge their brain and keep their mind occupied. Furthermore, it’s suitable for both adults and kids. This can be even more fun if you find a custom jigsaw puzzle platform like MakeYourPuzzles that can create personalized puzzles that match the needs and mental capacities of everyone in your family!

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