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In 1760, British cartographer John Spilsbury created some of the first puzzles to be engaging to children. He made custom puzzles by gluing maps to a wooden board and cutting along the borders. This helped people to become familiar with the shapes and locations of countries as they worked to reassemble the maps.

These early puzzles were called ‘dissected maps’ and became a common educational tool. Completing these puzzles has evolved from an educational tool to a leisurely pastime.

It may be easy to order a custom jigsaw puzzle online now, but it was not so simple back in the 1700s. Made from wood and crafted by hand, only those wealthy enough could afford jigsaw puzzles.

At the time of their creation, the name ‘jigsaw’ was not used as the saw that shares the name was not used in the process–it wasn’t invented yet. A marquetry saw with a blade held between a curve frame was most likely used to cut out intricate pieces. The jigsaw itself was invented in 1855. Its nickname, ‘jig,’ was used because of the saw’s rapid up-and-down motion. The full name was first associated with a puzzle in the early 1900s. 

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Jigsaw Puzzles’ Rise to Popularity

During the great depression, puzzlers were able to find distraction in the increasingly intricate designs of jigsaw puzzles. Manufacturers were also able to begin mass producing designs with cheaper wood, and eventually, cardboard. At this time, companies also began using the puzzles as promotion and souvenirs. 

With the growing market, puzzles grew into collectors’ items and even artwork, with many learning how to mount their jigsaw puzzles to preserve them. No matter the size of the puzzle, hanging it for all to see can be a great way to display the hard work and dedication it took to complete. Over the centuries, puzzles have continued to be enjoyed by all ages–even offering health benefits.

Health Benefits of Puzzles

While they can be a fun activity for all ages, jigsaw puzzles can be especially good for seniors. Health experts have found they can help improve brain function, motor skills, relieve stress, and are great opportunities for social interaction. 

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