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Jelly beans and chocolate bunnies are easy basket-fillers. If you are looking for easy ways to make Easter special this year, we've got a perfect gift for yourself and your kids.

Easter is a special day for family and kids. Did you know that jigsaw puzzles are a great way to create a fun learning opportunity for kids? By assembling puzzles your kids will develop abilities like patience, focus, concentration, dexterity, and imagination with our custom puzzles. Let’s dive a little bit further into jigsaw puzzles for kids and explore different styles and sizes that your kids will love!

Designing Easy Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

The first step in designing a custom jigsaw puzzle for kids is to choose the right image. Choose a picture your kids can relate to such as a picture of themselves, a family vacation picture, an image of their favorite pet, or any other picture that will capture their interest. Make sure the image is clear and uncluttered, with clearly defined lines and shapes that are easy to identify.

Keep in mind the level of difficulty you want to achieve. For younger children, start with an easy design that has fewer pieces and larger shapes. The perfect starting point is our 100 piece custom puzzle. The puzzle pieces are larger and are easy to assemble for kids. As children become more experienced, you can gradually increase the number of pieces and complexity of the puzzle. For an even easier puzzle, add a border around the edge of the puzzle. This will help them understand where the puzzle begins and ends, making it easier for them to see where the pieces fit together.

Make sure to include some fun and playful elements in your puzzle design. Add some clip art, or a personalized message to keep kids engaged and excited about completing the puzzle. At MakeYourPuzzles you can fully customize and personalize the picture puzzles and puzzle box. Designing your personalized puzzle is easy with our online puzzle maker!

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Benefits Of Making Puzzles For Kids

Helps Develop Memory Skills

As children work on a puzzle, they need to remember the colors, shapes, and patterns of each piece and how they fit together to create the larger picture. Working on puzzles can be a fun and engaging way for kids to improve their memory skills while also developing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Fine And Gross Motor Skills Development

Picking up and manipulating puzzle pieces can help improve fine motor skills, such as finger dexterity and grip strength. Working on larger puzzles can also improve gross motor skills, as kids move around and adjust their body to find the right position to work on the puzzle.

Visual Perception

While working on puzzles, kids must analyze and interpret visual information, such as color, shape, and pattern, to determine which pieces fit together. This improves their ability to recognize and differentiate visual stimuli, which can be beneficial for tasks such as reading, writing, and drawing.

Early Math

Doing a jigsaw puzzle can aid in the development of early math skills in kids by matching shapes, sizes, and colors, which can also help them develop their understanding of pattern recognition. These skills are foundational to early math concepts such as counting, sorting, and classifying.

Attention Span Enhancer

Jigsaw puzzles are great tools for enhancing attention span in kids by helping them focus on the task at hand, paying close attention to the details of each piece and how they fit together. This helps to improve their ability to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods of time.

Encourages Independent Play

Unlike some games, puzzles can be completed alone, giving kids the opportunity to work independently and build self-confidence. They can choose the level of difficulty they are comfortable with and work at their own pace, without the pressure of needing to keep up with other players. Additionally, working on puzzles can provide a sense of accomplishment, as kids are able to see the progress they are making and the puzzle coming together.

Eye-Hand Coordination Development

Jigsaw puzzles can aid in the development of hand-eye coordination in kids. As they work on a puzzle, kids have to use their hands to manipulate and move the pieces, while using their eyes to visually identify the correct location for each piece. This helps to improve their ability to coordinate hand movements with visual information, which is a foundational skill for many activities, such as writing, drawing, and playing sports.

Spatial Relations Development

Kids have to identify how the individual pieces fit together to create the larger picture, this requires an understanding of spatial relationships, such as size, shape, and orientation. Working on puzzles can also help kids develop their visual-spatial skills, which are important for tasks such as reading, writing, and drawing.

Confidence Booster

Jigsaw puzzles can boost a child’s confidence by providing a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and promoting problem solving skills and risk taking in a supportive environment.

Perseverance And Patience Development

Puzzles help develop perseverance and patience in kids as they work to complete the puzzle, requiring them to continue through challenges and work until they succeed.

Why Personalized Jigsaws?

Personalized puzzles for kids provide a unique and engaging activity that builds cognitive, motor, and social skills, and allows children to feel special and connected to the image on the puzzle. Including images of their friends, favorite cartoons, or having their name on a puzzle can really connect them to puzzle and make them want to continue until it is finished.

You Decide The Amount Of Pieces

In general, children 6 to 7 years old can handle 100 piece puzzles, From 8 to 9, a 260 piece puzzle would be good and for children 10 and up, they can solve a 500 to a 1000 piece puzzle, depending on the child. But the best part is that based on the individual child, you can select the appropriate amount of pieces to challenge them.

You Can Make Them As Easy Or As Difficult As You Want

The image you select can be a big factor in the difficulty of the puzzle. Make sure you use an image with a lot of colors or patterns. Images with a lot of similar colors or tones, can be more difficult. Use images they are familiar with such as their favorite superhero, sports figure, family member or friend.

Encourages Your Kids To Solve The Puzzle

Puzzles, especially ones with images of things the child likes, such as hobbies or cartoons or characters will encourage children to solve the puzzles. They will want to see what it looks like when they complete it. Personalized puzzles for kids are so much fun too!

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Personalized Puzzles For Kids Ideas

Do you have a child that likes sports? Choose their favorite team, or a picture of them at little league. Does your daughter love horses? Select a picture of a horse for her. If you don’t have a great image, just use our pro puzzle selection that gives you access to over 140 million high resolution images to select from, you are bound to find the perfect horse picture to make that special puzzle for your child. Want to teach them about their family tree? Create a Collage Photo Puzzle of your family tree and add names to it!  

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Occasions To Gift Personalized Puzzles For Kids

Any time is a good time for a personalized gift of a puzzle! It could be their birthday, a holiday or a special milestone like a great report card or a great soccer win. Even any regular day is a great time to give them a little gift to encourage them. Write their names on the box or puzzle using our custom puzzle maker. This is a great way to get a child excited about a puzzle.


Getting your child or giving the gift of a puzzle to another child has so many benefits. It is a perfect way to encourage learning, develop skills, challenge your child, get them off electronics, but ultimately, it’s a fun way to enjoy time with them working on a puzzle together! They won’t even realize they are learning while enjoying a puzzle. Customize the puzzle with a special message for them and it will elevate it even more!


At What Age Can A Child Do A 20-Piece Puzzle?

Kids as young as 2-3 years old can start with 20 piece puzzles and as they develop their motor skills and pick up and manipulate pieces, they can gradually increase in size and piece count

What Company Turns Photos Into Puzzles?

MakeYourPuzzles can help you turn any image into a beautiful puzzle that you will cherish for years to come. We have a great selection of different puzzle sizes and styles. From 100 piece custom photo puzzle all the way up to the magical 1000 piece custom photo puzzle. How about creating a Collage Photo Puzzle? Choose from 96+ Collage templates working with up to 64 pictures per puzzle!

What Manufacturers Makes The Best Puzzle?

MakeYourPuzzles offers premium quality puzzles without the premium prices.

We only use blue puzzle board that stays flat for years to come – our inks are eco-friendly as are all raw materials since they are made of 100% recycled paper. We offer free shipping on all orders in the USA and our custom puzzles are 100% Made in the US! Should you experience any issues with your puzzle, we are happy to help and will find a solution on any issue that might pop up. 

What Size Puzzle Should A 5-Year-Old Do?

A 5-year-old child could do a 100 piece puzzle, depending on the level of difficulty of the image. If your child has already some puzzle experience, the 260 Piece custom puzzle might be a good option as well.

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Abra @ Mon, May 06, 24

Does this company make 30-piece puzzles? And are the boxes customizable? What I mean is, can other images be put on the box, or only the puzzle image?

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