Bring Your Photos to Life with a Portrait Collage Puzzle!

Bring Your Photos to Life with a Portrait Collage Puzzle!

Puzzles can be a lot of fun and creating a custom personalized photo puzzle can be an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one. We will discuss collage puzzles and explain some of the benefits of jigsaw puzzles and the best site to create your own premium photo puzzle.

We’ll show you how MakeYourPuzzles is the best site to create your puzzle and what sizes we offer. We will also go over what to do once you have completed your puzzle.

What is Portrait Collage Puzzles?

A portrait collage puzzle is simply a puzzle made with more than one picture or image in a portrait orientation. It allows you to group more than 2 images into one of our 96+ templates that help you create your perfect collage puzzle.

Portrait Collage Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Purpose of Portrait Collage Puzzles?

When you cannot simply choose one image, this is the ideal way to go. Sometimes, a grouping of images from a single day or of a single person makes more impact when put together. Did you take a trip to Italy? Why not group a few different locations and scenery. Maybe the Colosseum, one of the beautiful bridges in Venice, the leaning tower of Pisa or the Trevi fountain. By grouping these together, you will create a unique collage puzzle that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Benefits of Portrait Collage Puzzle

Preserving memories

It’s important to preserve our memories for yourself or for later generations. Let’s face it, as we age, our memory fades and it’s great to be able to relive a special day by doing a puzzle.

Displaying memories

Having a memory is great and we shouldn’t stop making them, but why not display them too! After you are done assembling your puzzle try framing it and hanging in an area people will see it and you have a great time talking about it when someone sees it.

How about making a coffee table top from one. Just put the assembled puzzle under a piece of glass and place it on top of a coffee table. It’s practice and will be used often and can really showcase a puzzle that evokes a special day.

Entertaining all ages

A collage puzzle is a great way to entertain people of all ages. For younger children under 10, we recommend puzzles with 100 to 260 pieces and over 10 years of age, a 500 or 1000 would be great. It’s an entertaining way to spend time either alone or with a group.

Collage Photo Puzzle Family for Christmas by MakeYourPuzzles

Customizing the puzzle box

We’ve made it so easy to customize your puzzle but we didn’t stop there. The box is just as important. You want it to be sturdy in order to protect your puzzle for years to come. However, it also should be a beautiful way to present your gift.

Our custom photo boxes are a great way to showcase your gift and by giving you the ability to add text, clip art and graphics, we’ve made it a way to express yourself.

Add a name or the location, add a date, add a special quote or message that expresses how you felt that day. You have so many possibilities that you can create, it’s really up to you, but we’ve made it easy to do.

Quality and durability

A puzzle is great fun, but when it’s flimsy or breaks and bends due to poor quality, that ruins the experience. has made it possible to buy a premium high-quality puzzle at an affordable price.

Your puzzles should last a lifetime and they will! Our premium puzzle board thickness is Premium Puzzle 70pt Blue Board. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy enough to be put together and disassembled many times over. We created a puzzle that can be handed down for generations to come.

Improving problem solving skills

Assembling puzzles is a great way to sharpen your problem-solving skills. When you puzzle, you use both your left and right brain. It’s helps you to improve your cognitive skills. Logical reasoning and analytical thinking increase and while you are putting together puzzles, your concentration and focus increases. 

Enhancing creativity

Creativity is enhanced when you focus on one thing and puzzling is great for just that. It allows your mind to take a break. You just focus on shapes, sizes and color.

Boosting concentration and skills

When you are forced to focus on one thing, it helps improve concentration. By looking for a specific puzzle piece you need to put in place, you are forced to really concentrate, everything is not important. You focus on the color shape or size you are looking for and it forces you to ignore other things around you. You can be hyper focused on locating the correct piece.

Reducing stress and anxiety

Reducing stress and anxiety are super critical, especially for your overall health. Puzzles allow you to slow down, to find a specific piece that you need and focus on what you are working on.

Providing a sense of accomplishment

Seeing a puzzle come together is rewarding. As you see it fully complete you feel a sense of accomplishment. You started a project, worked on it and finished it.  

Portrait Collage Puzzle at its Best

Premium Quality

Our custom photo puzzles are of the utmost premium quality, we only use 70 pt blue board.

Eco-Friendly Product

All board material is made from 100% recycled material. The puzzle bag is bio-degradable, and the packaging is curb-side recyclable.

Custom Puzzle Box

Our custom puzzle box measures 10x8x1.875 inches. It’s a premium cardboard 2-piece rigid box which is customizable by changing a color of the box, adding text, downloading your own graphics or adding clip art. There are so many options for your to fully personalize your puzzle box.

Types of Portrait Collage Puzzles

100 piece photo puzzle

The 100 piece is a finished puzzle of 12.75" x 16.00". This is ideal for children around 6-7 years of ago.

260 piece photo puzzle

The 260 piece is a finished puzzle of 12.75" x 16.00" which can be ideal for kids ages 8-9.

500 piece photo puzzle

The 500 piece is a finished puzzle of 19.25" x 26.63" and is perfect for kids ages 10 and up and adults.

1000 piece photo puzzle

And the 1000 piece is a finished puzzle of 19.25" x 26.63" and is a great challenge for kids over 10 and adults.

1000 Piece Collage Photo Puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles

Tips on how to display your portrait collage puzzle

Mounting the puzzle

You can mount the completed puzzle on a backer board or cardboard.

Framing the puzzle

A great way to display your finished puzzle is by framing it. Most local framing shops can do that for you or if you are a DIY type of person, you can go to your local craft store and buy the pieces and do it yourself.

Hanging the puzzle
Hanging your puzzle can be a great way to display a beautiful memory for you to enjoy and to be able to share it with others.

Where can I buy portrait collage puzzles?

The best collage (or single picture puzzles for that matter) are found at MakeYourPuzzles. We have a custom designer on our website that allows you to personalize your premium photo puzzles and we give you the tools to do just that.

Why MakeYourPuzzles is the best choice for getting your portrait Collage Puzzles?

We worked hard to provide an amazing premium product which started with our 100% recycled premium puzzle board. But that's not enough, our inks are eco-friendly and our aim is to reduce packaging to a minimum. Our packaging is bio-degradable and 100% curbside recyclable and we recently introduced a biodegradable plastic bag (puzzle pieces) so our premium puzzles are 100% eco-friendly!

Premium Custom Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Final Thoughts

Jigsaw puzzles have so many benefits, from preserving your precious memories for lifetimes to increasing problem solving skills, concentration, reducing stress and giving you a sense of accomplishment.

With our selection of 4 different sizes, we provide a premium jigsaw puzzle that is affordable, eco-friendly, fully customizable and after production time of 3 full business days, will ship free and arrive within 2-5 days. We also offer faster expedites shipping services. All this in just one place!

Take a look at MakeYourPuzzles to see how we can help you create an amazing gift for yourself, something that will highlight a special day like a birthday, wedding day or vacation. And we can also help you create a special gift for someone that will show them that you care because you put the effort into making it a personalized gift for them. And if you don’t have an image for them, give them a gift certificate for them to create their own special puzzle. It’s easy and will be emailed to you within a short period of time, ideal for them to make something special for themselves. They will be happy to create their own personalized puzzle and even happier when it arrives within a week and start assembling it.

Personalized Collage Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles


What is a Portrait Collage Puzzle?

A collage puzzle is a puzzle that includes more than one image or picture.

What is a Jigsaw Puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle is an image on puzzle board that has been cut into many pieces via a die cutter.

How many pieces are there in a Portrait Collage Puzzle?

All our puzzles come in four sizes. We currently offer a 1000, 500, 260 & 100 piece puzzles and we are working on expanding those sizes to include more.

How do you make a 3D puzzle? 

A 3D puzzle is unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle in that they are 3 dimensional. They are assembled by interlocking pieces together, not only flat, but upwards as well. While these puzzles are great - they can be challenging for younger members of your family which is why we recommend

What app turns pics into puzzles? 

No apps needed! Simply go onto our website at MakeYourPuzzles and we can help you turn any image into a beautiful jigsaw puzzle.

What ages are Portrait collage puzzles suitable for?

Our puzzles are perfect for everyone! For children 6-7 years of age, we recommend the 100 piece puzzle. For 8-9 years of age, the 260 piece is ideal. And for those over 10 years old, the 500 and 1000 is a great choice. You can make a puzzle easier or more difficult by the image or images you select, so keep that in mind.

How can I make a photo puzzle?

We make it easy to create your personalized photo puzzle with our designer. It will guide you through the process of uploading your image or images, determining if the image is the ideal resolution for the puzzle size you want to create. We show you how to customize it by adding clip art, graphics and text and allow you to put the text anywhere on the puzzle that you want. We also give you the chance to select the best color for your box and furthermore you can customize the box as well! No other photo puzzle company gives you all these different ways to make it your own.

What are photo mosaic puzzles? 

A mosaic puzzle are small images that when you view the puzzle from a distance, creates a different image. In essence, it's lots of tiny images to make a larger one. They can be very difficult as the time images may have nothing to do with the larger image, it's really the overall color that determines how it makes up the larger image. 

How long does it typically take to complete a Puzzle?

The time it takes to complete a jigsaw puzzle depends on a lot of factors, but generally, a puzzle of 100 or 260 pieces can take about 2-3+ hours, a 500 pieces can take about 5 hours or more, and a 1000 piece usually upwards of 10 hours.

If the image is very colorful, it can make it easier to complete and if there are fewer colors it may take longer.

Where can I buy Portrait Collage Puzzles?

A collage puzzle can be found by going to our online store. If you want to make a collage puzzle, just upload as many pictures as you want, we have the ability to utilize 64 pictures in our template in order to make a beautiful collage puzzle that you can be happy to display or to give as a gift. If you have only one picture that you want to use, we can help you create that as well. 


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