What Age Is Best for a 100-Piece Puzzle?

What Age Is Best for a 100-Piece Puzzle?

Most children between five and eight years old can complete one hundred-piece puzzles. There are some factors to keep in mind when selecting puzzles for children and creating a custom one hundred-piece jigsaw puzzle from a photo. For example, you might need to know how big a one hundred-piece puzzle is and how long a one hundred-piece puzzle takes.

What Age Is Best For A 100-Piece Puzzle? | Family Photo Puzzle Birthday | MakeYourPuzzles

Puzzles for Different Age Groups   

Children often begin playing with puzzles at a very early age. Large wooden puzzles with a few pieces are ideal for toddlers between one and three years old. These puzzle pieces are easy to place and help toddlers practice their grasp and coordination. 

Once a child develops fine motor skills and reaches certain developmental milestones, they can move on to more complicated puzzles. Preschool-age children gravitate toward colorful puzzles with images of things meaningful to them like trucks, cartoons, and animals. Completing a puzzle can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Children around the age of five can start working on puzzles of one hundred pieces or more because they can now identify puzzle piece shapes and patterns. They enjoy the challenge and aren't as easily overwhelmed or distracted as younger children. However, selecting the ideal puzzle is key to success for children. 

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Size of Puzzle Pieces 

There is a wide range of puzzle styles and sizes, although small puzzle pieces can be a choking hazard for toddlers. The younger the child, the bigger the puzzle pieces should be. Choose wooden puzzle pieces or foam puzzles for young kids. Once your child is ready for a one hundred-piece puzzle, or larger, they should be able to handle smaller pieces.

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The Puzzle Shape 

Puzzles come in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, square, round, and other unique shapes. You can find puzzles in animal, map, and airplane shapes. 

While irregular puzzle shapes can be great for children looking for a challenge, they can be frustrating for a child working on their first one hundred-piece puzzle. In this case, opt for a rectangular or square puzzle with straight edges. These puzzles are easier to put together since they have a prominent border. 

Once your child can complete the standard puzzle shape, they can move on to more complicated puzzles. Every child is different, and the speed of their progression will vary. MakeYourPuzzles offers square puzzles that are perfect for a child who is learning how to do a puzzle!

Puzzle Image 

The possibilities are nearly endless when you create your custom jigsaw puzzles. From images of your family pets to photos of your child's drawings, anything can be turned into a puzzle with MakeYourPuzzles. 

Remember that the image on the puzzle will affect its appeal and difficulty. Younger children may struggle with landscape images as multiple pieces can look identical. For example, an image that shows a lot of the sky will have a lot of solid blue pieces, which can be hard for younger children to put together. 

Puzzles with bright colors and clear images can be much easier. The contrast between pieces is key to keeping children engaged. They can sort pieces by color and strategize how to solve it. 

Pick the Perfect Puzzle 

While young children can complete a one hundred-piece puzzle, you're never too old to enjoy one. MakeYourPuzzles allows you to personalize jigsaw puzzles with one hundred pieces or more. Your new custom puzzle will be on your doorstep before you know it!


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