Vacation games - Say goodbye to boredom on your vacation!

Vacation games - Say goodbye to boredom on your vacation!

Say goodbye to boredom on your vacation, we’ve got a great way to keep yourself and your family entertained, our premium jigsaw puzzles. MakeYourPuzzles can be an easy way to find an activity that will help make your vacation fun.

It’s important to have additional activities available in case of bad weather, or for when it gets dark.

Make sure you are prepared with an entertaining puzzle from MakeYourPuzzles. Our custom photo puzzle designer can help you create an awesome personalized puzzle to take with you. It’s easy and the best part is that you can have your puzzle delivered to your door within a week. With our fast production time of 3 business days and free shipping of UPS in 2-5 days, you’ll be ready in no time.

Vacation jigsaw puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles

Fun For All Ages

Easy Puzzles For Kids

Jigsaw puzzles can be fun for all ages, depending on the age of the children we recommend, 100 pieces for children 6-7 years old, 260 pieces for children 8-9 years & adults and for kids 10 and older, you can go with a 500- or 1000-piece puzzle. The level of difficulty and time required may vary based on the uploaded photos. Rule of thumb is as more colorful the photos are, the easier the puzzle process seems to be.

Challenging Puzzles For Adults

Jigsaw puzzles can be challenging if you select 1000 pieces and create an image with few colors. Or for a real challenge, try assembling it without looking at the image on the box. That can definitely give it a new spin and make it more interesting.

Brain-Boosting Challenges

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are extremely useful to stimulate your brain. Having to figure out what pieces fit together within the image utilizes both the left and right sides of your brain. The right deals with intuitive thinking and creativity while the left side deals with logic. Puzzles help both side work together and this is a great way to increase your cognitive function. Think of it as exercising your brain, only more fun!

Puzzles can help with memory. When you are working on a puzzle, you need to find certain shapes and colors and it helps by tapping into your short-term memory functions.

Problem solving is a big factor, you work together communicating what piece you need to find, or what color you will work on solving.

Complex Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a lot of fun. They can be easy or more complex. It really depends on the size of the puzzle, so how many pieces you select and the image. There are puzzles you can assemble that are more difficult because they have few colors. Another complex puzzle can be one with repeating patterns in similar colors.

Quality and Durability

High-Quality Puzzle Pieces

Jigsaw puzzles have been around for a long time, and you can find them from many different companies, but there is a difference. One of the biggest factors in a great puzzle experience is the quality. If you have a flimsy and thin puzzle piece, you can’t maneuver it properly and the don’t seem to fit properly. Having a premium quality puzzle is one where you can feel the difference. The pieces are thicker than the cheap puzzles available, but light enough to feel good in your hand.

MakeYourPuzzles only produces premium high quality custom jigsaw puzzles, but we do not stop there. We utilize only eco-friendly inks and our packaging in curbside recyclable.

Premium Custom Puzzles by MakeYourPuzzles

Durable And Long-Lasting Games

We want your custom photo puzzle to last a lifetime, so we only produce the highest premium puzzle at an affordable price point. If you take care of your puzzle by not allowing it to be in a very humid environment, and make sure you keep it in the box protected from being bent, it will last a very long time. Our puzzles are extremely durable and will give you years of fun for many generations.

Something For Everyone

Variety Of Game Types

Whether you like to make your own Custom Photo Puzzle with one of your favorite pictures, or your Photo Collage Puzzle with up to 64 pictures - we got you covered! Missing a good quality picture? Not a problem, check our Pro Photo Puzzle category and find a picture you love from our 140 Million High-Resolution Image Database!

Unique And Creative Puzzle Designs

You can create anything you can image as a puzzle. The sky is really the limit, if you love a specific color or pattern, you can make it into a puzzle. Fascinated by flowers? Make it into an amazing puzzle. There are so many options you can choose from, a family puzzle or a vacation image. It’s unique because it can be your own creation.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons you may want to bring games to play on vacation. Whether you’re stuck indoors because it rains, or you just want to relax after a day of excitement.

Before you start your next vacation trip, consider designing your own personalized puzzles.  Our engaging custom jigsaw puzzles will keep you entertained all day long.

Vacation photo puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles


What Games To Play When On Vacation?

What games you can play while on vacation depends on a few factors. If you are flying somewhere, a puzzle doesn’t take up too much space. If you are driving, you can play games such as I spy, or even looking for license plates from different states.

How Do I Entertain Myself On Vacation?

The best way to entertain yourself on vacation is find local things. If the location has historical site, go visit them! Do they have incredible food, ask about the best places to get some local food. Take advantage of what the location has to offer. It’s always best to do a little research before you go so you have some places that you want to explore.

What Game Can We Play In The Hotel?

If you are in your hotel and want to play a game, break out playing cards and play solitaire, go fish or even poker. Uno is a great game that can be played by children and adults alike.

You can also try games like charades or Pictionary as you will always find a pen and notepad in your room.

What Is The Most Popular Vacation Activity?

Some popular vacation activities can be swimming, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, exploring or going to restaurants.

How Do You Make A Boring Vacation Fun?

The best way to ensure you have a good time while on vacation is preparation! Before you go on your trip, research the location.

Have some activities to do outdoor if the weather is nice, beaches, swimming, hiking, kayaking, exploring historical sites, people watching, watch the sunrise, sunset or both. Look up towards the sky and see the stars.

Have some activities to do indoors in case of inclement weather. Find a bowling alley or a museum and activity park or arcade. Go to a club and dance with the locals.

If traveling with children that are picky eaters, make sure you find some kid friendly restaurants so you have happy faces instead of meltdowns.

Go online or ask the hotel to see if there are local events. Finding a street fair or a children’s museum could really help ensure a great vacation.

What Activities Can Families Do Together On Vacation?

Some of the best activities to do with your family are just spending time together. GO to a beautiful park, find a merry go round, get some ice cream. You can find an amusement park and spend the day having fun.
Getting the children involved in picking the activity to do is a good idea. Try having a list prepared so you can choose from that so you already know what the cost will be in advance. When the kids are a part of the selection process, they feel empowered and important.

kids custom puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles


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