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Creating a family photo puzzle is a wonderful way to preserve memories and give a thoughtful gift that could become a favorite keepsake. Fun and interactive for both kids and adults, custom family photo jigsaw puzzles are easy to create and customize. 

MakeYourPuzzles offers premium quality, eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable puzzle gifts for your loved ones. Our high-quality materials, range of puzzle sizes, and customization features are why we have the best custom photo puzzle reviews around!

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Creating a Special Photo Puzzle

Whether you are showcasing one family portrait or creating a collage of multiple family pictures, the process of how to make photos into puzzle pieces is simple and easy to do with our user-friendly online puzzle making tool. 

Puzzle Sizes and Piece Counts

There are a variety of puzzle sizes and piece counts to choose from. Whether you want an intricate and challenging 1,000-piece puzzle featuring a beautiful collage of images or a simple, easy-to-solve forty-eight-piece puzzle with one photo, there is a puzzle size that is perfect for any solver or skill level.

Choosing a Template

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a Mother’s Day picture image puzzle or one to celebrate a birthday or family reunion, MakeYourPuzzles has nearly one hundred different templates to choose from that are perfect for any occasion. How many photos you want to include and the tone you want to achieve will help guide your template choices.

Choose a photo puzzle template - MakeYourPuzzles

Selecting Photos

Once you settle on your theme and template, simply upload one or multiple photos and arrange them as you desire using our easy drag-and-drop builder. Our puzzle maker ensures your photos will align and fit into your chosen template. You can rotate, resize, and reposition your selections, or assemble them into a collage. This is where you can make your memories come to life! 

Adding Text

After you have made your final photo selections, you can include a heartfelt message, names of the people in the photos, dates to commemorate, or any other meaningful words you want to include on your puzzle. Our puzzle maker features a text tool that allows you to select the font, size, position, and color of your desired text.

Creating a Custom Photo Puzzle Box

Now that you have created your family photo jigsaw puzzle, the final step allows you to choose from more than thirty customizable box designs. Not only does this give the recipient a clue as to what’s inside the box, but it’s also an additional way to personalize your gift or keepsake. You can add text, clipart, and graphics to the outside of your puzzle box, too.

 Creating your custom puzzle box - MakeYourPuzzles

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Remember to choose clear, high-resolution photos for your family photo puzzle to avoid any blurriness in your final product. Be sure your added text and customizations are easy to read by adjusting the font size, placement, and color contrasts until you get what you want. 

Don’t forget to consider who will be solving the puzzle! A 1,000-piece puzzle may be too frustrating or difficult for children or beginners to solve. 

Creating a beautiful, quality custom family photo jigsaw puzzle is a special way to celebrate cherished memories and to gather loved ones together for a collaborative and entertaining activity. Let MakeYourPuzzles help you create the perfect custom puzzle today!

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