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Puzzles are a great way to pass the time while flexing your creative muscles, as well as a chance to relax and unwind away from digital screens and gadgets. They can also prove to be a fantastic marketing tool with the application of just a little creativity if you make your own custom puzzle.

Custom Promotional Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

With a custom promotional puzzle, you can promote your business, organization, or event. By taking control of the process, you can choose the size and number of pieces for the puzzle and customize the artwork that will appear on the front of the box and front of each piece. Your message will be engaging and creative–and an eye-catching item at any trade show, conference, giveaway, or office.

What Custom Promotional Puzzles Have to Offer

There are many reasons you might want to create a custom promotional puzzle, including:

Getting the Message Out

While people are used to advertisements on billboards, newspapers, and television, they’re less accustomed to messaging on a puzzle. This will make your puzzle message stand out and get noticed!

Fun for Everyone

Unlike other forms of advertisement, puzzles create a fun experience for everyone involved. People enjoy putting together puzzles, so they’ll be more likely to remember the experience–and your message–in a positive way.

A Chance for Team Building

As well as being a marketing tool, custom promotional puzzles are a great team-building exercise. Working on a puzzle together can help bring teams closer and create a more collaborative working environment within your organization.

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Creating a Custom Promotional Puzzle

Now that we have a better idea of why you should use a custom promotional puzzle, let’s look at how to create one:

Choose the Size and Number of Pieces

You can choose from several different sizes ranging from twenty-five to more than 1,000 pieces. This will help you create the perfect puzzle for your intended audience.

Design the Artwork

The puzzle imagery could be a logo, promotional message, or anything else you want printed on the box and each piece. If you don’t have the skills or resources to create the artwork yourself, most puzzle makers offer design services you can use for your project.

Select the Puzzle Maker

Choose a puzzle maker, such as MakeYourPuzzles, who has experience creating personalized puzzles. These companies can also help you with a puzzle gift for a boyfriend, a fun novelty puzzle, or a promotional puzzle used as part of a larger, attention-grabbing marketing campaign. 

A reputable puzzle maker can make sure you get what you want without having to worry about being imaginative or creative. Simply choose your branding and let someone else do the hard work.

Implement a Unique Marketing Approach

Custom promotional puzzles are an effective way of raising awareness of your business or organization and can also be used to promote a special event or fundraiser. Creating one is a fantastic option to help your business stand out from the crowd!

Make Your Own Puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles


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