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The ability to use logic allows people to tackle complex problems and puzzles, work through challenges and obstacles, and navigate difficult decisions. Whether you make your own online puzzle or prefer a complex crossword, puzzles that stretch your ability to solve them are hugely popular gifts.

Knowing exactly what to give can, however, be a challenge–which is why we’ve put together this list of fun puzzle gifts for puzzle lovers. With this information, you can find something special and unique for the puzzle fan in your life.

Book of Puzzles

It may seem obvious, but a great option for logic puzzle fans is to give them a book of puzzles! Whether they prefer brain teaser challenges, crosswords, or Sudoku, there is sure to be a book of puzzles to suit their taste.

You can also give them something outside their comfort zone. If they are a huge Sudoku fan, switch things up with a book of word searches or some other type of logic puzzle.

A Puzzle Subscription Box

If you want to give something extra special and unique, why not try gifting a puzzle subscription box? This is a great way to give them access to an ever-changing selection of puzzles, challenging them with something new that’s regularly delivered to their door.

These boxes are customizable, allowing you to choose the subscription length (from one month to a full year) and how often they will receive their puzzles (weekly, biweekly, or monthly). You can also choose between different types of puzzles to ensure that they get a variety in the deliveries.

Puzzle Accessories

If you want to give something extra, try some puzzle accessories! These can be particularly useful if your chosen recipient is a major fan of jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle accessories might include a roll-up mat, which allows them to easily flatten and store their puzzles to keep them safe, secure, and together when not in use. Puzzle-saver glue can keep finished jigsaws together for display, while a sorting tray can be a good idea for those who struggle to keep the pieces from slipping under the couch.
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Puzzle Work Surface With Storage

Keeping tiny puzzle pieces safe and secure can be troublesome. Why not give them a gift that helps keep everything organized? A puzzle work surface with storage is a great gift for any logic puzzle fans, helping to keep everything together and easy to access.

Storage units come in various sizes to accommodate the various sizes and shapes of puzzles. There will be compartments underneath the work surface, which are perfect for storing small pieces and puzzle accessories. This gift can be a bit more pricey than some of the others on this list, but it's sure to be appreciated by any devoted logic puzzle fan.

Personalized Puzzle

Add a personal touch to your gift with a customized puzzle! Platforms such as MakeYourPuzzles allow you to upload a photo, pick a puzzle size, make your very own customized puzzle–the perfect gift for someone special!

kids playing photo turned into a personalized puzzle

Let’s Get Gifting

Whether you’re picking a puzzle gift for your boyfriend or a keepsake for your bestie, choosing the perfect gift can be tricky. These suggestions and inspirations will help spark some ideas and help you find the perfect present for that logic puzzle lover in your life!


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