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Whether you’re trying to unwind and destress, sharpen your skills, or looking for a fun, social activity to do with friends, puzzles are easily a favorite exercise for many people. Do you know someone who loves a good puzzle, and would love an extra special one made just for them? MakeYourPuzzles makes the best custom photo puzzle for gift-giving.

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Custom photo puzzles make exceptionally great gifts for moms on Mother’s Day. A Mother’s Day photo puzzle piece is both a unique and sentimental gift, encapsulating some of your most cherished memories spent together.

In this article, you’ll discover how to make a custom puzzle, why puzzles make great gifts, and how long your average puzzle should take to solve.

The Appeal of a 500-Piece Puzzle 

Many people are drawn to 500-piece puzzles because they are a more achievable challenge and a more manageable time commitment than their other puzzle piece counterparts. Suitable for any skill level, they make great introductory puzzles for those who love to exercise or ease their mind, and are also great for those who may be working towards completing a more difficult puzzle. 

500 Piece Custom Puzzle couple at beach - how long should a 500-piece puzzle take - MakeYourPuzzles

MakeYourPuzzles offers flexibility to make a 500-piece custom puzzle more easy or difficult, depending on the photo you choose. Technically speaking, at roughly nineteen by twenty-six inches, it’s the same size as the 1,000-piece puzzle, which means the pieces of the 500-piece are larger and easier to put together.

No matter the memory you decide to make ‘puzzle permanent,’ creating a custom puzzle is a great way to spend the time with family or friends!

Solving a 500-Piece Puzzle

Did you know a woman named Joellen Beifuss set a world record for solving a 500-piece puzzle back in 1984? She solved the puzzle at a rapid fifty-four minutes and ten seconds. Later, Jana Hanzelkova beat her time at forty-six minutes and thirty-five seconds. While these feats are impressive, puzzle-solving time depends on individual or group experience.

500 Piece Custom Photo Puzzle showing street and Palm trees- MakeYourPuzzles

On average, a 500-piece puzzle takes anywhere from two to seven hours to complete. Many people won’t finish a large puzzle in a single sitting, though, so you can keep the project going for a few days, if you wish!

Crafting Your Photo Puzzle

Creating a custom puzzle that really resonates with you and your loved ones involves several factors, but it all starts with choosing the perfect photo. From there, MakeYourPuzzles allows you to customize even further through adding filters, fun fonts, colorful clipart to your image or your photo box (which make for the perfect gift box!).

Whether you prefer a straightforward Mother’s Day message or craft a heartfelt note, MakeYourPuzzles offers diverse options to make your gift extra special for the most important women in your life.

Mother's Day Gift Puzzle three generations - MakeYourPuzzles

Puzzles Make Perfect Gifts!

Not only are custom photo puzzles thoughtful gifts from the heart, they’re a great source of entertainment and family fun. It’s an excellent way to encourage problem-solving skills and provide hours of entertainment. Once complete, these puzzles make amazing keepsakes and can be placed in a frame to be cherished forever. You won’t only be reminded of the photo memory, but the time you spent with the ones you love to complete the puzzle.

MakeYourPuzzles has a variety of custom photo puzzle sizes available, including a 500-piece puzzle. Made in the US, MakeYourPuzzles uses high-quality, eco-friendly materials and production practices with the added benefit of free shipping!


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