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It’s no secret that puzzles make great gifts. Many people use them to relax, test their mind, or spend time with friends and family. You can elevate your gift-giving and create lasting memories with a personalized touch by designing your own custom jigsaw puzzle from photos. Both unique and thoughtful, a custom puzzle captures the essence of some of your most special moments.

The first step is the most important –picking your photo. By choosing an image or memory you hold dear, you can transform a picture-perfect moment into a permanent fixture in your home. It’s both fun and easy to make a puzzle from a photo!

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The most difficult decisions are picking the photo and the size, as those factors will make all the difference in how hard or easy your puzzle will be for your gift recipient. Discovering how long a 500-piece puzzle should take, for example, is about more than just time–it’s all about patience, skill, and fun.


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Customizing Your Puzzle

Uploading your personal photo is only the first step in the customization process. Once you’ve chosen your photo and the size you want, the rest only takes minutes. From then on, there are many other ways you can continue to make your gift unique. 

MakeYourPuzzles allows you to add a filter of your choice to your photo, play with colorful texts and fonts to craft a personal message, or add fun clipart to accentuate the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. 

You can also customize the easy-to-wrap photo puzzle box. MakeYourPuzzles has more than thirty designs to choose from, including Christmas, love, gradient designs, and more. Once you’ve chosen the box design, you can also add text, images, and more to take the personalization a step further. Your handpicked design and message is sure to make your loved one feel extra special!

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Heaps of Family Fun

Jigsaw puzzles have long been classic activities for families to enjoy together. Building together is an incredible bonding experience for all, and working on a project with one another creates new memories.

With a custom photo puzzle, you can make new memories while reliving the old and piecing together a photo you cherish. Much like the pieces of a puzzle, each family member brings something unique and different to the family dynamic and to the puzzle-solving process.

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Picking Your Puzzle Size

Should you opt for a 500-piece puzzle or go for the more challenging 1,000-piece puzzle? The bigger the puzzle, the more time you’ll spend piecing it together. 

Consider these factors when choosing the right size for your custom photo puzzle. If your gift is for kids, a smaller size may work best. If your loved one loves a challenge, a puzzle with more pieces may be the right match. It’s not common to finish a large puzzle in one sitting, so plan to revisit it a few times or spend several hours, on average, to finish it.

MakeYourPuzzles has a variety of affordable sizes available to help you personalize your gift. Our puzzles are 100% made in the US using only high-quality, eco-friendly materials and production practices. Plus, shipping is free!

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A Cherished Keepsake

Once complete, your puzzle makes for a treasured keepsake you can hold onto for years to come. Frame your finished product for decoration or take it apart to do it all over again during your next family gathering. No matter what you do, your family will love the time it takes to put it together.

If a custom photo puzzle is the missing piece to the memorable gift you’ve been searching for, MakeYourPuzzles has you covered! Visit our website to learn how you can create a custom puzzle gift today.



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