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Puzzles are a great family-fun activity for all ages. Creating a custom puzzle can take your puzzle game to the next level, and the process is simpler than you may think. You can make your own puzzle online! 

The charm of a custom puzzle board lies in its uniqueness and the personal touch you bring. There are many benefits to doing puzzles in your free time, so we’ll dive into how to create your own puzzle board so you can let the fun begin!

How to make your own puzzle board | MakeYourPuzzles

What Is a Custom Photo Puzzle Board? 

A custom photo puzzle board is a puzzle made especially for you, using any image of your choosing. Many families will choose a photo that is near and dear to them, such as a photo of a treasured memory with someone special, or a hilarious photo of them with their friends!

With MakeYourPuzzles, you can create puzzle gifts for dad, mom, siblings, friends, or yourself. You can turn vacation memories or family reunion pictures into a one-of-a-kind gift; these gifts will last and can even be passed down.

Options to Customize

When it comes to puzzle boards versus photo puzzles, the latter gives you more options. On our website, you can use any copyright-free picture from your phone, tablet, or computer. We allow you to add text to your puzzle, as well. You can pick a funny quote, put your friends or family's names, or use any title you desire.  

If you can't pick just one picture, no worries. You can make a custom photo collage puzzle! We allow you to pick up to sixty-four photos to create the most intricate puzzle, and there are over ninety-six collage templates to choose from!

Making Your Puzzle

Once you have the perfect photo (or photos) in mind, simply select one of our three options for puzzles:

  • Custom photo puzzle collection: Our tried-and-true option, the custom photo puzzle collection allows you to choose one of your favorite memories and translate it to a fun puzzle.
  • Collage photo puzzle: This option is perfect for those who would rather have a pseudo-scrapbook in their puzzles, or those who can’t decide on just one photo! You can select between two and sixty-four photos to build your collage photo.
  • Pro photo puzzle: These puzzles are ideal for high-resolution photos, and you can choose from our expansive library of high-quality photos. You can customize the text, add clipart or icons, and more!
custom photo puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Once you’ve selected your type of puzzle, scroll through our options of related products. After you have selected the right product for you, it’s time to customize! Remember–your image will be enlarged to fit the size of your puzzle, so larger, higher-resolution images will translate best for your puzzle!

Select a Template

Whether your puzzle is a birthday gift for your niece or a fun holiday-themed puzzle for the family, MakeYourPuzzles has the templates to take your puzzle to the next level. Rather than leave the photo as-is, you can select customized borders or templates for your photo to add extra flair and make your puzzle truly shine.

Upload Your Image

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s time to upload your image or images and customize your puzzle. You will be directed to our easy-to-use, web-based design interface. Here, you can upload your image or images, and then select ‘Done’ to return to the customization page.

Customize Your Puzzle

Once you’ve returned to the customize page, the fun can begin! Add text, graphics, resize your images, and more until you’re satisfied with the result. Once your puzzle represents your vision, select ‘Confirm’ to complete your order. It’s that simple!

In Closing

You can't go wrong with making a custom puzzle, and MakeYourPuzzles makes creating puzzles fun and easy! Plus, there are plenty of options for photos and text you can include. We offer all different sizes, as well, from 1,000 pieces to fewer than one hundred. They make fun and interesting gifts for anyone you know, and the benefits are endless!

Customize your puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

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