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Puzzles are a great hobby, but they can quickly take up a lot of space. Storing your jigsaw puzzles can be challenging when you already don’t have a lot of extra room. Some great ways to store your puzzles include keeping them safe in bags and decor boxes, or even framing them for wall art!

Proper storage is important when you have several puzzles of 500 pieces or more. We have a few great ideas if you're looking for ways to store your puzzles; these tips will help you fit the maximum number of puzzles into a small space. Plus, you can discover how to make your puzzles look more visually appealing if you store them in the open. 

How to store your custom jigsaw puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Store Puzzles in Bags

The best way to store multiple puzzles in a compact space is by keeping them in bags. Ditching the boxes will save a ton of space. You can stack the puzzle bags into a basket or box and place them in a closet or bookshelf. First, remove the pieces from the box and sort them into individual bags. You can use reusable, mesh, or plastic bags.

Next, cut the reference picture off the box and place it in the bag with the corresponding puzzle. Including the picture of the puzzle will help you know what each puzzle should look like. You may not need to cut the picture off your box if the puzzle includes a colored photo of the puzzle inside the box. 

Move Puzzles Into Decor Boxes

Another creative storage option is to move your puzzles into decor boxes. These can be decorative boxes or containers you already have on display. Using storage boxes you already own can be a great solution, especially with limited space. 

Empty the pieces into the decorative box and include the picture of the puzzle for reference. You can also use clear, flat containers that are stackable. These containers are made for storing multiple puzzles and are a fraction of the size of many jigsaw puzzle boxes. This is an easy way to save space while still having individual containers for each puzzle. 

Frame a Puzzle for Display

Jigsaw puzzles have been popular for centuries. You may wonder, "Why is it called a ‘jigsaw puzzle?’" The name comes from the type of saw used to cut the pieces, which were originally made from wood. 

Consider framing the completed puzzle if you have one of these historic puzzles or one with special significance. Custom jigsaw puzzles of your family or pets can be great options to frame. Turning the puzzle into art can be a creative way to both store and protect it. 

Frame Your Photo Puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

How to Organize Your Puzzles

Now is a good time to examine your puzzle collection–if you have puzzles with missing or damaged pieces, it may be time to get rid of them. There may also be puzzles you're done with that you can give away or donate. 

Once you have the puzzles you want to keep, you can decide which storage option is best. Consider organizing your puzzles based on size. For example, if you transfer them to reusable bags, you can store the bags from small to large puzzles in the basket. 

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle couple Valentine's day | Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Ideas | MakeYourPuzzles

Puzzle Storage Made Simple

There are a variety of different storage solutions for puzzles. You can transfer the jigsaw puzzles out of the box into smaller containers to save space. Look for storage options that are stackable and easy to set aside, or consider turning your most prized jigsaw puzzles into a work of art!

Once you have more room, you can add more puzzles to your collection. If you're wondering how to order a custom made 500-piece puzzle, look no further than MakeYourPuzzles. We make it quick and easy to create a high-quality custom puzzle!

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