If watching the highly-touted Napoleon film reignited your passion for history, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of puzzles available that bring the past alive. Puzzles featuring historical events run the gamut from maps showing the locations of ancient empires, to a crowd scene celebrating the fall of the Egyptian army in 1586, to a series of images demonstrating the evolution of modern transportation.

If you can’t find a puzzle that brings back a point of history that interests you, you can upload an image to the MakeYourPuzzles platform to create a photo puzzle custom with 500 pieces. Perhaps it’s a photograph you took at a reenactment of a battle from the American Revolution or Civil War, or perhaps you want to recognize the amount of work your son put into his history project about ancient civilizations. A snapshot of his colorfully illustrated timeline is perfect to turn into a puzzle and celebrate his effort.

Gift a Puzzle to a History Fan

Puzzles, particularly ones that target someone’s interests, are always a much-appreciated idea for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or other special event.

In addition to interests, consider the person’s age and skill level with puzzles. Is this a new hobby, or are they lifelong puzzlers? For young children, a forty-eight-piece puzzle is a great place to start. For adult newbies, it might be better to go with a one hundred-, 250-, or a 500-piece puzzle. Seasoned puzzlers, on the other hand, will be more interested in puzzles with 1,000 smaller pieces.

Once they get hooked, your history buff could easily broaden the kinds of puzzles they enjoy with themes such as summertime jigsaw puzzles for beach vibes. Gifting that first historical puzzle could be the beginning of a whole new pastime.

Displaying that Special Scene

Let’s face it–finishing a challenging puzzle brings a certain amount of pride and you may not want to disassemble it when you’re done. At the same time, you might need the table it’s sitting on for another purpose.

Before just dumping the pieces back in the box, consider framing your custom jigsaw puzzle. You can ask a local frame or hobby shop to help you out or use your creative juices to frame it yourself. 

Either way, carefully apply adhesive sheets or an even coat of puzzle glue to the back side of the finished puzzle to keep the pieces together. Some puzzles stay together pretty well on their own, but why take the chance that they will come apart later?

Most 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles will fit in a standard-sized frame. Before choosing the one you want, decide if you want the puzzle image to be flush with the frame or if you want to leave some room for a mat and create a border around the image. Also, add some cardboard or foam behind the puzzle before it goes into a frame. This will help tighten it up and prevent sagging.

If you really want to show off your puzzle, float framing gives depth to the image when the puzzle is mounted on a mat and creates the illusion that it is ‘floating’ under the frame.

Your Source of Unique Puzzles

MakeYourPuzzles is a top supplier of custom puzzles that can be created from our stock image library or your own photos. Use a single image or a group of images to create a collage of your favorite time in history! Our eco-friendly puzzles are made in the United States and can be shipped anywhere in the country for free.


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