There is nothing more romantic than a custom 500-piece jigsaw puzzle made of photos of you and your beloved. For this Valentine’s Day, customize your gift for that special someone with a dreamy puzzle collage of your favorite memories and special moments with MakeYourPuzzles.

Studies show that jigsaw puzzles can evoke many positive emotions, like relaxation and focus. There are even jigsaw puzzles for stress relief! So, why not capitalize on all of the benefits of puzzles and use them to create a timeless gift that ticks every box for the perfect romantic gift?

romantic jigsaw puzzles for Valentine's day featuring young couple | MakeYourPuzzles

Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Puzzle

With MakeYourPuzzles’ own puzzle customization suite, anyone can turn a loving memory into an activity you and your beloved can share. Our web-based editing platform is easy to use and can create your perfect puzzle in just a few easy steps.

Select Your Puzzle Size

Whether you’re married with kids and want to walk down memory lane with your partner and little ones or you’re still building up your puzzle stamina, you can choose puzzles with fewer pieces to make it more accessible. We offer forty-eight-piece, one hundred-piece, and 252-piece puzzles that can provide just the right amount of challenge.

If you and your partner are avid puzzlers, we recommend taking on our 500-piece or 1,000-piece puzzles. These puzzles are perfect for a weekend getaway at the cabin or a cozy staycation at home. Light the candles and get to puzzling!

puzzle sizes and piece counts - MakeYourPuzzles

Choose Between a Collage or a Single Photo Puzzle

MakeYourPuzzles offers a range of photo puzzles that you can customize. For a puzzle where only one photo is the centerpiece (ideal for framing and saving after completion), we recommend choosing the custom photo puzzle option.

Can’t decide between a few photos, or want to capture all of the memories from the past or a special event? Our collage photo puzzles may be the way to go. With our collage option, you can select between two and sixty-four photos for your puzzle, so you don’t have to leave anything on the cutting room floor.

Choosing Romantic Photos

Now, the fun begins–what photos do you want to showcase? You can choose romantic summertime jigsaw puzzles for beach vibes, or a collection of silly photos to give it the ‘well-loved scrapbook’ feel.

A few other photos ideas include:

  • Couple’s adventures: Do you and your partner love to travel? How about showcase your camping or hiking expeditions? Relive your favorite memories by using photos from your favorite trips together or challenges you’ve both overcome as a duo.
  • Wedding day or engagement photos: Nothing is more endearing than the photos of major milestones for you both. The best part? It’s likely you used a professional photographer for these photos, so they’ll be high-resolution and higher quality to keep the memories crystal clear.
  • Posed and perfect: If you’re the couple that loves to recreate old prom photos or create the perfect image for your social media accounts, share your artistic style with gorgeous posed photos you love.
romantic Valentine's Day custom puzzle | MakeYourPuzzles

Add Your Text or Graphics

The final step in the customization process is using MakeYourPuzzles’ own suite of filters, effects, graphics, and text options. Add a stunning red or gold border, include a message to your beloved, or even commemorate a special date with our collection of ready-to-go customization tools and features.

Make More Memories With MakeYourPuzzles

The best gifts are the ones that you can share together as a couple. With a custom puzzle, you and your partner can snuggle up, dim the lights, and get to solving your beautiful puzzle! 

These puzzles can remind you of inside jokes you shared, dust off old memories you love, and strengthen your bond as you take on a fun challenge together. To get started on customizing your own romantic Valentine’s Day puzzle, check out MakeYourPuzzles today!


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