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Spending time with your loved ones is the best part of Thanksgiving. For many, it may be the only opportunity to see certain family and friends all year!

With this in mind, many people bring gifts to a Thanksgiving get-together. They can be early Christmas gifts, presents for birthdays past and future, or just general gifts for those you cherish most. 

Some people can be notoriously difficult to choose a gift for–clothes are the wrong size or style, game trends and hobbies may fade, and perishable items only last so long. For these types of people, a custom photo puzzle might be just the thing.

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Align Gifts With Hobbies

Hobbies are a great starting point when shopping for gifts. An easy way to learn someone’s hobbies is by asking them, seeing what they post about on social media, and asking their friends and family what they like.

Once you confirm that a friend is into a certain hobby, it’ll be easy to find a gift that feels custom to them. Here are a few ideas that go along great with some top hobbies: 

  • Engraved or handcrafted cutting boards for the chef in your life
  • Luxury travel accessories for the backpacker or nomad on your holiday gift list
  • Monogrammed golf balls and tees for any aspiring US Open winners
  • Leather-bound journals for the writers and authors in your circle of friends
  • Socks or oven mitts with their pet’s face printed on them

It is important to note that some hobbies are very specialized and require expensive equipment. In cases like this, it is better to provide the recipient with a gift card or voucher to a high-end retailer that specializes in their hobby.

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Experience-Based Gifts

When you gift someone an activity, you’re offering a memory that will last a lifetime. Here are some experience gift ideas for the people you love most:

  • A wine tour and tasting tailor-made for would-be aficionados
  • Museum memberships for lifelong learners, as well as their children
  • Workshops related to their hobbies, such as specialty and foreign cooking classes
  • Hot air balloon rides that thrill-seekers are sure to love
  • Gourmet cooking classes for the aspiring chef in your life

All of the above ideas are not only an opportunity to make memories, but they are also a perfect time to take photos. These photos, together with the memories, are what make these experiences stand the test of time. 

One of the best ways to make a memory stick is to feel it in your hands–custom photo puzzles do just the trick!

Ordering Your Custom Photo Puzzle

At MakeYourPuzzles, we offer the opportunity for you to turn any memory into a puzzle. What better way to spend time after Thanksgiving dinner than to put together a puzzle and watch a memory come to life before your eyes? 

These customized puzzles aren’t just for Thanksgiving, either. If you’ve been looking for the perfect anniversary picture idea, a custom photo puzzle will take you and your beloved down memory lane.

All of our custom puzzles are made with sustainably sourced paper products and printed to the highest quality standards. These puzzles come in a variety of sizes and piece counts, from one hundred to 1,000 pieces. 

For an evening when you want to finish a puzzle in one session, we recommend the 48 piece, one hundred- and 252-piece sizes. For a bigger challenge or for a wall-sized photo puzzle, you can opt for the 500- or 1,000-piece sizes. They make an ideal gift for any occasion and can even be mounted to poster boards and displayed on the wall once finished!

The best thing about custom photo puzzles is that you can choose any photo. Photos of couples, landmarks from travels, and family group photos are all great options. 

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Our puzzles are so easy to customize that you can create one for every person on your gift list. Have a look at our custom puzzle page today and see what memories you can rebuild again and again!


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