What is the right puzzle size for you?

What is the right puzzle size for you

This blog post will take you on a journey through the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles, helping you select the right challenge level for yourself or someone special. Jigsaw Puzzles provide many positive effects to mental health and can be an enjoyable activity. We are here to guide you in choosing the perfect puzzle size that promises fun and satisfaction!

Short Summary

  • Choosing the right puzzle size is essential for an enjoyable experience, taking into account factors such as skill level and experience, time commitment, personal preference and complexity preference.
  • MakeYourPuzzles offers a wide variety of puzzle sizes with superior products at competitive prices.
  • Various techniques can be used to make jigsaw puzzling more rewarding for puzzlers of all ages and skill levels.

What Is A Puzzle?

Custom Puzzle, turn your picture into a puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Finding the ideal puzzle is an exciting experience that can take some time and thought. Puzzle sizes vary from 100 pieces to a few corner pieces to far more challenging 1000, allowing you to select one that suits your preference perfectly. Solving such puzzles requires imagination as well as patience. It involves piecing together components or responding to tough questions in order for them to be completed successfully. It's certainly rewarding however- not only providing fun, but also stimulating minds!

Benefits Of Solving Puzzles

benefits of solving a jigsaw puzzle - MakeYourPuzzles

Puzzles can be a great way to pass the time, but they also have other benefits. Solving puzzles has been linked with increasing cognitive abilities like problem-solving skills and attention span, as well as reducing stress levels while stimulating dopamine production in the brain, which helps regulate mood, memory and focus. It is important for those looking to get the most out of puzzle solving activities to choose ones that best suit their individual skill level. By doing this, you are guaranteed all these advantages associated with puzzling pastimes!

What Are The Different Standard Puzzle Sizes?

Puzzles come in various sizes, from 48 pieces to 2000 pieces. Knowing the dimensions and difficulty level of each size will help you decide which size is ideal for yourself or a loved one. Each size offers distinct levels of challenge and time needed. It's important to be aware of this before making your selection - whether it may be small or very large pieces or puzzle-pieces all across a range! To make sure you get the perfect present (or activity!) consider looking into these different factors when purchasing that special something.

1000 Piece Photo Puzzle

1000 piece custom puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles

For avid puzzlers, a 1000 piece puzzle presents an exceptional degree of difficulty and offers quite the sense of fulfillment when completed. This specific type measures 26" x 19" in size and usually takes up to 10 hours for completion- offering an immense challenge not suited for everyone, especially small children or seniors who find handling smaller pieces hard. It is recommended that those individuals try out puzzles with fewer components in order to have more fun while solving them.

500 Piece Photo Puzzle

This 500 piece puzzle is suitable for a broad age range, measuring 18" x 24". It takes between two to five hours on average for adults who prefer this level of difficulty or younger and less experienced puzzlers to complete the task. This challenge offers an enjoyable experience while striking a balance with its complexity so as not to be overwhelming.

500 piece custom puzzle by MakeYourPuzzles

260 Piece Photo Puzzle

For those looking to put together a puzzle in less time, the 260 piece photo puzzle may be just what they need. Suitable for all skill levels and preferences, this option provides an enjoyable challenge that still delivers satisfaction upon completion. It is essential when selecting any type of puzzle to factor in experience level, commitment time-frame, desired complexity preference and chosen subject matter. This one certainly fits the bill on all counts! Thus making it ideal for anyone who wants a speedy victory without sacrificing difficulty or fun.

100 Piece Photo Puzzle

MakeYourPuzzles' 100-Piece Puzzle is a perfect fit for young children who are just getting into the habit of solving puzzles. It contains XXL sized pieces measuring 1-1/2" to 2-1/2", making it easy to assemble and ideal for kids aged three to four years old or adults looking for an easier challenge! This makes them an ideal gift, as well as great activities at birthday parties or playdates.

The 100 piece photo puzzle brings the same entertainment factor but is created with slightly larger pieces that make it even more suitable for younger puzzlers, plus they can revel in seeing their final image come together once all the individual components have been slotted correctly in place!

100 piece custom jigsaw puzzle MakeYourPuzzles


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Puzzle Size For You

Before embarking on your puzzle journey, it's important to take into account a few factors that will aid you in determining the right size for you or those close to you. Things such as skill level and experience, amount of time dedicated to solving puzzles, personal preferences when it comes to complexity and type of subject matter are all vital components for choosing the perfect fit.

In this section we'll analyze these elements more closely so that decisions can finally be made from an educated point-of-view regarding which puzzle is best suited for everyone involved!

Skill Level And Experience

Puzzles come in a range of sizes and difficulties, so it is important to select an appropriate one that matches your skill level. Beginner puzzlers should opt for simpler puzzles with fewer number of pieces each, such as 100 and 260 piece ones, while more experienced players might find something like 500 or 1000 pieces daunting but still interesting. This way you can get the most out of puzzling without feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by too high difficulty levels. The puzzle piece count and the size of the puzzle pieces are important factors as well.

Time Commitment

When deciding on the right puzzle size, one must consider how much time they are willing to spend completing it. A 1000 piece puzzle might take more than 20 hours to finish whereas smaller puzzles such as a 100 piece count or 260 piece puzzle could require between 30 minutes and 2 hours of work.

By taking into account their availability for this type of activity, people can opt for a puzzle that fits better in their schedule and tastes. Puzzles present many opportunities regardless of which choice is made!

Personal Preference

When choosing the perfect puzzle size, personal inclination can play a huge role. For those who like to challenge themselves with complex designs, bigger pieces may be more suitable. For those inclined towards simpler motifs and patterns, smaller-sized puzzles are recommended. Being aware of your individual preferences when selecting will help ensure an enjoyable experience all around!

Complexity Preference

When deciding which puzzle size is best for you, your complexity preference also needs to be taken into account. People can differ significantly when it comes to the degree of difficulty they prefer in puzzles. So picking one that matches up with what appeals most to you will ensure ongoing engagement and enthusiasm while working on it.

For hundred piece puzzles for instance, if complex solutions excite you more than anything else, opting for a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle would probably suit better whereas going after something less challenging might be better suited by getting a 260 piece model instead.

Subject Matter Preference

When it comes to selecting the appropriate jigsaw puzzle size, the chosen subject matter can make a difference. For instance, if you pick a landscape-type image, then opting for an extended version such as 1000 or more pieces could be more fulfilling than choosing one with fewer pieces like 260 or 100. It is crucial that your choice of puzzles fits in according to what kind of experience you would prefer so opt accordingly!

Where To Find The Right Puzzle Size For You?

choose the right puzzle size for you

It can be a challenge to find the puzzle size that's right for you, but MakeYourPuzzles is here to help. You'll have no problem finding your ideal puzzler among their outstanding selection of top-notch puzzles in standard sizes.

These folks provide excellent customer service and ensure satisfaction when it comes to finding the perfect fit, one which meets both your skill level requirements as well as any time constraints or personal preference considerations there may be.

Why MakeYourPuzzles Is The Best Option For High-Quality Puzzles

Premium Quality Custom Puzzles Made in USA - MakeYoutPuzzles

MakeYourPuzzles is the perfect destination for shoppers who are looking to find top-notch custom jigsaw puzzles. Personalization of the puzzle itself and the custom puzzle box are standard and there is no extra cost involved. MakeYourPuzzles' collection of custom puzzles stretch from the traditional 1 image photo puzzle to the most popular size photo collage collection working with up to 64 images per jigsaw puzzle.

At MakeYourPuzzles, customers can be sure their purchase will give them good value while also obtaining just the right size of puzzle suitable for each individual need. Ultimately, this makes it a great choice if you're searching for superbly crafted jigsaws without going overboard on expenses. All jigsaw puzzles are Made in the USA with real puzzle board and come with a premium custom puzzle box. Free Shipping on all orders in the USA is standard!

Creating your own custom jigsaw puzzle is simple and affordable with MakeYourPuzzles!

Final Thoughts

Picking the ideal puzzle size is necessary for an enjoyable and engrossing puzzling experience. Through assessing elements like skill level, personal taste, complexity preference popular size and subject matter inclination, you can make sure that you or your family member will have a perfect puzzle to tackle.

So why delay? Start today on your fascinating journey with puzzles, they provide innumerable rewards while having fun!


When picking a jigsaw puzzle size, you should take into consideration the age of the person who will be using it. Smaller puzzles are suitable for young children since they tend to be simpler and easier to complete. We can help you gain knowledge about puzzles so that your decision is guided when selecting which one would best suit yourself or someone else as a gift. Here we answer some of the most common questions regarding difficulty levels, ages, and sizes of puzzles in order to guarantee an ideal choice has been made.

Are 500-piece puzzles too easy?

What is the right jigsaw puzzle size

The difficulty of a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle can fluctuate depending on its design and the puzzler's familiarity with these types of puzzles. Some may find it simple, but others could be presented with an exciting challenge to solve. When deciding whether such a puzzle is too easy for you, take into consideration your level of experience in doing jigsaws like this one. It's key to remember that the complexity will differ person-to-person based off their skill set.

What age is a 1000-piece jigsaw for?

For children aged 12 and above, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is usually suggested. Though this could differ depending on the child's skill level. When picking a size for their puzzle it's important to take into account how experienced they are with puzzles, as well as what kind of difficulty or time commitment they're willing to undertake.

The complexity of the puzzle does not necessarily correlate to its pieces count - even easier than 500-piece sets can be constructed from larger parts when using simpler imagery or shapes in said design. Taking all factors into consideration prior to selecting your purchase is key if you want an enjoyable experience for your kids!

How long does a 2000-piece puzzle take?

The complexity of a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle and the expertise of the individual tackling it can cause considerable variation in how long it takes to complete. 15-20 hours is required on average for someone working on such a challenge.

This duration will vary greatly depending upon factors like skill level and preferences as well as experience with puzzles similar to this one.

Is there a trick to doing jigsaw puzzles?

When attempting jigsaw puzzles, there are a few approaches that can be taken to make the task easier and more enjoyable. To begin with, try splitting up the puzzle into smaller sections by beginning at its edge. This will help manage it better. You may find success sorting out pieces based on color or shape, which should ease your workload significantly. Lastly, having an image of what you're trying to achieve could be handy for reference points when needed!

These techniques coupled together create a smoother experience and makes doing puzzles much more enjoyable overall - so give these tactics a go next time you’re working on a tricky one!

Can a 7-year-old do a 1000-piece puzzle?

1000 piece custom photo puzzle

Achieving a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle might be hard for a 7 year old, but with the aid of an adult they can certainly attempt it. The child needs to have enough patience and motivation in life in order to finish what they started and feel that gratification at its completion.

It is important to take into account their ability level, experience, and preferences when selecting this size of puzzle so the outcome will be both pleasing and rewarding.


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can you make a 12 piece puzzle?

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